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Recent content by rowan

  1. rowan

    Colin Comics - Adventures of iPad Admin Guy

    Thanks, Colin! Everything was great. We miss you already. Yeah, I have to say, given the state of Internet access in Australia (swings between dial-up and DSL with some happy exceptions) the little Telstra portable wifi for AU$125 is really the ticket. We just turn it on whenever we need to go...
  2. rowan

    Colin Comics - Adventures of iPad Admin Guy

    Colin and I both had bug, which I'd never heard of. A bug is a type of lobster, often called the Moreton Bay Bug or just Mud Bug (in Brisbane). but is actually the Bay Lobster or Flathead Lobster. They serve just the tail so it's not like a New England lobster where you get the big claws but I'd...
  3. rowan

    Colin Comics - Adventures of iPad Admin Guy

    So I've been in Brisbane, Australia, and because of iPad Forums, my wife and I were treated to some major hospitality by one of the wonderful admin folks here, Colin, who I met in the early days of the forum. We had a great dinner at a Chinese restaurant downtown one night (among many other...
  4. rowan

    We Have A New Promotion At IPF!!

    Congrats Colin! Perhaps I'll be able to see you in Australia next month and shake your tired hand in person! Rowan
  5. rowan

    Jail Break

    The question was specific to JB'ing 3.2.2 so no, that approach isn't useful here (at least not currently using the PDF exploit that 3.2.2 prevents).
  6. rowan

    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    Technically, the Macintosh is a personal computer and thus, a PC, but in general most people equate PC with Microsoft Windows and Macs with OS X. I didn't want to get wordy, but the intro does state: iTunes runs under OS X on Macs and Windows on PCs so tell us which ... I think after years...
  7. rowan

    Wi-Fi connectivity

    On your iPad, in Settings -> Wi-Fi, click on the blue > to the right of the router's name, then click on Forget This Network then reselect it. At that point you should be able to input the new/changed password.
  8. rowan

    Is there a site that monitors app prices?

    One thing I like about is if you mark an item as "I want it" you'll get an email when there's a price drop. (Obviously you have to set-up an account.)
  9. rowan

    Show Your Art!

    NumbLock, those are great. Thanks for taking the risk and showing your drawings.
  10. rowan

    ITunes and IPad

    I've been thinking about this issue as well. Since it's possible to start-up iTunes with any library (hold down Option key while starting iTunes & it'll ask you which library to open), then why couldn't you have a copy of your library on your iDisk, then when you need to, borrow a Mac, mount...
  11. rowan

    Sketchbook Pro

    C'mon, show us some of those drawings! Seriously, why SP rather than ArtStudio? And… Stylus or finger?
  12. rowan

    After Jailbreak... now what? I want to copy files to my iPad..

    Nee-bee, why did you jail brake your iPad? You can install apps & copy files back and forth using iTunes. BTW, I just came across Padsync from a podcast I listen to. It sounds incredible. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet. This may be more of what Nee-bee is looking for by JBing: A way...
  13. rowan

    iPad car mount for Subaru Outback

    That's creative! I don't think the Apple logo is where the wireless antenna is, though.
  14. rowan

    I just got off the phone with ATT

    Well, if I buy an unlocked iPhone, can I put my 3G's microSIM card in and expect it to work or are there controls built-in that would say "You're not on an AT&T iPhone so I won't work." I mean, if I can get it to work, then I might as well wait to buy it in the EU and have an unlocked iPhone...
  15. rowan

    I just got off the phone with ATT

    How 'bout this... Thanks for JB vs unlock distintion, glad I asked! Let me pose this question. If you were me and... You knew you would be in the UK (also France and The Netherlands) in just a few weeks and could presumably buy an iPhone 4 somewhere in Europe, and also You knew starting next...