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    Error in updating OTA in my new iPad

    M having problem updating my to 5.1.1. I already restarted my iPad, reset network settings, changed DNS to open google DNS still the same error occur. When i plugged it in itunes new update available. But i like done OTA Any suggestions?
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    Wifi issues for ipad 3

    Begin by pressing the hold and home buttons at the same time. The hold button is the one on the top right corner of the iPad. The home button is the round one at the bottom center of the iPad's front Continue to hold these buttons until one of two things happen: either the screen will flash and...
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    MP3 transfer

    Then copy the files you transferred to your iPad or iPhone
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    MP3 transfer

    You can install programs in your mac or pc like Copy trans or you can manually copy file from your iPad to your PC. To transfer music from an iDevice to a Windows computer. Step 1: Connect your iPad to launch iTunes or open itunes manually. In the iPad management screen, scroll down to...
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    Wifi issues for ipad 3

    Nice to hear we all received the best working condition iPad. For those who are encountering such wifi issue. For an electronic device i believe its just normal that manufacturers have certain defect rate. But for apple products it seems very minimal. The good thing is they are offering...
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    Wifi issues for ipad 3

    Have u experienced any connectivity problem in your iPad 3 using wifi? There have been several reports about it and apple is replacing their unit if found faulty. Mine is working fine.
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    Has anyone actually Transferred movies from their pc 2 ipad with success

    What i currently do to watch movie in my iPad by transferring from my pc is i use flex player or HD player. Its a free app from the apps store so there is no need to convert files. If its flv, mov, wmv format i transfer it to flex player app. Of course there are better paid apps in the appStore...
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    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    Rarely. Wifi works well. I got an iCloud. IOS 5.1.
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    Either way black or white iPad you still get the best device ever! I got a white iPad 2 and a black 32GB new iPad. I Love them both.
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    Would you be interested in an iPad Mini (7" iPad)

    If the price and spec is right! Ill get one definitely
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    iPad owners average age

    I'm 30 and i love using the iPad, iPod and iPhone. All great devices! Apple rules!
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    If you're using the iPad for work, do you still carry your laptop to meetings?

    Sometimes i bring only my new ipad but most of the tome i bring both of them as there are some works that i do that the iPad is limited.
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    How many hours your ipad is used.

    I use my ipad minimum 8h a day and until all juice sucked.
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    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    These are all wifi version since i got a portable router and a router at home to connect my devices.
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    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    Initially i upgraded from iPad 64GB to IPad 2 32GB then to the new iPad 32GB. 32GB size is for me right now is a minimum since i mostly use it as a consumption device.