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Recent content by RobertBasil

  1. RobertBasil

    Virtual City HD for iPad Out Now

    +2 here.
  2. RobertBasil

    GreenPois0n Jailbreak Finally Released for iOS Devices, Including iPad

    You also might want to mention that it is currently Windows only.
  3. RobertBasil

    Ipad jailbreak 3.2.2

    You should also note that limera1n currently only runs on Windows but a Mac/Linux port should be available shortly.
  4. RobertBasil

    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    Hardware acceleration has nothing to do with some the 8 out of 10 avi files I tried not playing even though they play fine on my Mac with VLC. Look in the app comments, many people are having the same problem. I love VLC, I've even made a donation and have been using it on my Macs since the...
  5. RobertBasil

    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    One look at the reviews in the app store will prove otherwise.
  6. RobertBasil

    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    I would be impressed if the VLC app would play my avi files. Out of the 10 I tried it played only two correctly. Yes, they all play in VLC on my Mac. Just read the app store reviews, there are many others having the same problem. I love VLC and have been a huge fan for years, but it looks like...
  7. RobertBasil

    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    I love my iPad, but for reading and storing hundreds of books for reading anytime anywhere, my Kindle blows away the iPad not only in book selection and price for the device (and the books), but in readability. The point I think Amazon is trying to make is if you are buying a device to read...
  8. RobertBasil

    Samsung’s Galaxy Tab To Cost Nearly $1000!!

    I love my iPad, but I'm interested in the Tab because of the tight integration with Google services, front and rear cameras and it is unlocked. Problems with Android? Spoken like a true Apple fanboy. I love my Droid Incredible phone and have ZERO problems with Android. I bet if Apple offered...
  9. RobertBasil

    Rupert Murdoch says the iPad is a "Game Changer"

    "You don't get to run companies such as the Times, the Sun, the Wall Street Journal and Fox Television without knowing what you're talking about!" Hahahahaha, thanks for the laugh! You obviously have no clue the total crap that has been spewing out of Rupert's mouth the last 5 years. :p
  10. RobertBasil

    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    I would be very interested thanks!
  11. RobertBasil

    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    Ron, The sound quality is pretty good. It's not quite CD quality but damn close. I rip all of my CD's with 192kbps.
  12. RobertBasil

    Must See, Turn Your iPad into ALL-IN-REMOTE!!!

    IR-beaming RedEye mini iPad / iPhone remote dongle gets real, its own video demo -- Engadget
  13. RobertBasil

    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    It's a hard plastic composite. I've used RAM mounts in the past and had vibration issues. No vibration issues with this mount at all. It's rock solid. I did a custom mount and drilled mine into the lower part of my dash, but they come with a "Pro Clip" style mount if you need one.
  14. RobertBasil

    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    I'm using the Apple Component cable to connect to the RCA inputs on the back of my stereo.
  15. RobertBasil

    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    Bognman420, I don't even know where to start with your last post. So I'll just say maybe you shouldn't "smoke up" before you get on the Internet. I love the mount and am very happy with it. Enough said. :)