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Recent content by rkelac

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    Very unhappy

    What kind of app would you like to use? There are quite a few apps now that can use the vga out. Pages works well for PowerPoint slides. For particular categories of apps maybe we can suggest ones that would work. Maybe we should start a new list: Pages Whiteboard VGA Perfect Browser Note Taker
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    HP Wireless printer ... how to print from iPad?

    I have an old hp 2110 and just printed a document from Pages using AirPrint. Just follow the instructions on this link on how to set it up: How to Install AirPrint to Enable Wireless Printing on Windows? | Jaxov
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    GPS on iPad

    If you get the Bad Elf tell us how it works. I'm thinking of getting one. It looks extremely small. I wonder what it uses for a power supply.
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    GPS on iPad

    GPS is a satellite based system that will work almost everywhere on the globe. It does have some limitations on accuracy in the polar regions. There are add on units for wifi iPads that will give you gps.
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    Marine navigation app w/out 3G?

    If you can't bring it back, there is a gps that attaches to the iPad or if you jailbreak it you can use a Bluetooth gps device. Search for "Bad Elf GPS Receiver".
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    just found this phototranfer app

    I think you meant WiFi. But if I have to be at my computer to transfer pictures anyway, I could just plug it in. Don't see how this app is very useful. The reviews sound very positive though.
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    Does Skyfire realy run flash on iPAD ?

    I would think that 20-30 minutes of video program content is fairly large.
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    Does Skyfire realy run flash on iPAD ?

    It does work fine on some sites like the Daily Show. It will play the entire episode. However, with most sites it does not recognize that there is video embedded on the page.
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    How Do You PRINT a Document You Have Prepared on the iPad?

    Maybe some one here can answer your questions. If on Windows, make sure you run CMD as an administer. That's about the only problem I have heard about.
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    How Do You PRINT a Document You Have Prepared on the iPad?

    Using the AirPrint hack, I can print with different shared printer on my network with any AirPrint capable app. Pages, Numbers, GoodReader all work fine.
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    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    With Handbrake you can output two audio streams. I usually output Dollby Surround and AC3 passthrough. The AC3 passthrough will give you Dolby Digital on the Apple TV. (However, AC3 is not supported by iTunes or Quicktime.)
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    IPAD and importing Sony DRM epub books

    I'm sorry but which devices are you limited to with Adobe DRM?
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    IPAD and importing Sony DRM epub books

    Have you looked at the Txtr app? I think it will allow you to read Adobe DRM on the iPad. I have the app and it is my preferred reader app. However, I haven't tried it with drm books. I always strip the DRM. That way you can reformat the books.
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    MS office compatibility

    I have MS Office Mobile 2010 on my Windows Mobile phone. I would think that they would be able to port that version to ios.
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    Belkin Bluetooth receiver - alternatives WITH volume control?

    FYI mine does. I'm sure you read this but I'll repeat it for others. "I have the Belkin Bluetooth and it allows you to adjust volume on the iPad (at least with ios 4.2 and Airplay). Airplay is kind of interesting. When you open Airplay on the iPad, you can select to send the audio to the...