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    Imovie query

    that just.....terrible! Is there any other app out there through which I can edit my movies from the video folder?
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    Imovie query

    I just bought the I-movie app for editing purposes. What I find is that I cannot upload a movie from my existing collection to edit.I had uploaded Blade Runner on my I-pad2 and wanted to edit it. There is no option. Is it true that I cannot edit an already existing file? If Yes then how do I go...
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    App store and credit cards

    Hmm....okay but I hear that I-tune cards don't really work in Canada- you cannot purchase apps with it, although I see them everywhere.
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    App store and credit cards

    Okay so I finally purchased my first pay application. I asked my landlord for his master card. After sometime I decide to upgrade one of my existing apps but as I got ready to type in the details again- the app simply upgraded. To be certain I bought a few more 3-4 dollar apps and they simply...
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    So when I transfer movies...

    from my PC to the I-pad, can I delete the existing file from my PC because it is taking space, or it doesn't work that way? If I delete the PC file what happens when I connect the Ipad the next time? Will it delete the movie from the Ipad too?
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    How can apps run in the background?

    Like how the music player can run in the background while I surf the internet. I have a few apps like nature sounds and relaxation music and I want them to run in the background while I read my i-books. How do I make the app run in the background?
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    Just got my I-pad 2...immediate assistance

    I have just received my Ipad and needless to say it is even better than I expected. I have already downloaded 17 apps and am having a ball. I do have some queries and would love it if I can get assistance. 1.) Because I am still used to the windows style, I want to know how to copy paste...
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    Is it worth to buy Avatar from itunes

    I just need ONE movie on my Ipad-2 and I wanted Avatar. As I mentioned in my previous threads- the damn thing costs 20 bucks! Is it worth having Avatar on the Ipad-2. Does anyone have that film- Hos is the quality? Because if it ain't worth it then I might as well burn the movie from a...
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    Okay so I downloaded I-tunes and the movie is suddenly expensive!

    I downloaded I-tunes and checked the price of Avatar the film. This will be the only film I will purchase. When I was skimmering online it said the price was 9.99. Now on the itunes interface the price is 19.99 ! Why and how is that? Also it says available as HD on Ipad- What does this mean...
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    Buying an app- query

    Okay so I have an I-phone 4 and an I-pad 2 in the house. When I buy an app, lets say for example Starwalk, do I have to buy it separately for the two devices or I can only spend my money to buy it one time and use it for both? It costs 4.99, so will I be spending 10 dollars if I need it on both...
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    Okay, so what should I do first?

    I am getting my very first Ipad-2 this Wednesday and as the day comes closer I am getting a tad bit agitated. What do I do? Register for the itunes? Should I have done it already? Start downloading the apps? Buy some starters apps or must have apparels? Do some kind of dance? Thanks a...
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    Okay, so what do I do now?

    I cannot contain my excitement. I will be buying my I-pad2 exactly a week from now. I need a few heads up advice on how to go about things. Movies.....I will be buying ONLY two films from the apple store. Lets say for example one of the films is this: Total Recall - Download Total Recall on...
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    Should I go for the external keyboard?

    I have never used the touchscreen application and one of my primary uses of the I-pad will be to write. Write lots of notes and scripts. As such, I was really looking forward to getting used to the touchscreen lifestyle but many people are telling me beforehand that its a hard thing to get used...
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    I have a scary feeling about this.

    Trust me, I am crazy- in a mentally disturbed kind of way. I don't want to own a house, I want to live in a bus. I don't want to own a family- wife or kids because I am afraid that one day they may die(!!!)and what if they die before me? I live in the basement of a kind landlord and pay 300...
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    I have a scary feeling about this.

    I am investing a lot for the I-pad 2. I have never been a gadget person(definitely not an apple one) but the I-Pad will fit into my core philosophy really well. I am a minimalist- I hate having stuff. To borrow from fight club- the things end up owning you, and I have personal experience with...