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Recent content by riki

  1. riki

    Deleting free iBook samples - permanently!

    Yes, I have two copies of the same books.
  2. riki


    Appreciate your help twerppoet. Regards.
  3. riki

    Hiding books

    Thanks twerppoet for coming in. All the best.
  4. riki

    Missing trash icon

    Thanks twerppoet, I'll try that.
  5. riki

    Missing trash icon

    Ipad2 5.0.1. In photos, I am unable to delete some of the photos because the trash button (top right) is missing. Can anyone tell me why some photos show the trash button and others not? Thanks.
  6. riki

    Good ibooks that are free

    Just get them! What genre do you like?
  7. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    No. The other apps are either no longer available or I can't remember them or were not downloaded from the app store.
  8. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    Still trying to find a way to no avail. Syncing on Firefox is now built-in (ised to use xmarks) and should work on the ipad as well as on any other PC/device but it doesn't. Help please. Thanks.
  9. riki

    Syncing Firefox bookmarks on iPad2

    Without having to pay for an app, is there a way to sync Firefox bookmarks on the iPad2? Firefox now has a built-in syncing feature that works fine with Windows and Linux but not with iPad2. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    Firefox bookmarks are no longer syncing on my iPad2. Refreshing does nothing. Is there a way to do it without having to pay for an app? Thanks.
  11. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    OK, thanks.
  12. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    Got it, thanks.
  13. riki

    Free soccer

    Thanks Tango but Justin isn't a free app.
  14. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    This might interest someone. As mentioned in my OP, I lost most of my apps followin the iOS5 upgrade and thought they were gone forever, wrong! I have just redownloaded ibooks and all my books are still there including the one I was reading. So everything wasn't lost.
  15. riki

    iOS5 First Impressions

    Poisonivy, can you please elaborate on the "4 or 5 fingers" feature? i can swipe up and down and left and right thru screens with "1 finger" so what are u on about? Thanks.