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Recent content by richgalen

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    What jailbreak tweaks do you use?

    Has anyone ever compiled a list of Tweaks sorted by downloads?
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    Ipad Air as a reader...

    I use my iPad Air with a Zagg Folio - so I just open and read. No hands (other than to turn pages). I agree that a voice-activated page turn would be a great tweak.
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    Deleting a saved video?

    I have the opposite problem There are movies I've downloaded to iTunes on my Windows 7 that either show up as "Family Movies" or "Movies" but won't synch to my iPad Air. It worked with my iPad 3.
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    How to upgrade to iPad Air, saving, transferring, selling?

    I transferred my iPad 3 to my iPad Air on Friday using iTunes on my Windows 7 PC.. It seemed a lot - a LOT - easier than when I went from the iPad 1 to the 3. I had a bit of a problem transferring my old B&W murder mysteries, but got it figured out and now my new iPad is set up and running...
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    New iPad Air Ordered

    Like others, I got up at 0250 on Friday morning having practiced on the webpage earlier in the evening. The store went live at 0302 (sted 0301 as promised!), by 0306 i had spent about $1,000 on a 128 GB, WiFi, AT&T, Silver and Black iPad Air. That included about 60 seconds of...
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    New iPad Air Ordered

    I ordered my WiFi+LTE 128 GB at 0302 EDT when the Apple Store came on-line. Picked it up at Pentagon City Mall at shortly after 0900. Was out of the store in 12 minutes.
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    Ipad air 4g

    It was there yesterday. On the row below the WiFi options.
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    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I have an iPad 3 (was that dubbed the "New iPad?" I don't remember). I skipped the iPad 4 but I'll be hitting the refresh key on the apple store site come Nov 1. I think I'm going to go whole hog: WiFi, LTE, 128gb. The upgrade from 64 to 128 is the same $100 as the upgrade from 16-32, right?
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    Bring Mac and Windows programs to your iPad with Parallels Access

    I have the trial copy of Parallels Access but can't get my Zagg keyboard to function properly with it. Anyone (a) had this problem and/or (b) found a fix?
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    iOS 7

    Items to remember: Irony does not work on forum sites!
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    iOS 7

    Standing by for the first queries about when we can expect iOS 7 to be jailbroken. :D
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    ZAGGKeys ProPlus for Ipad questions

    I was sitting at MSNBC this afternoon waiting to go on. There was a roll of black tape on the table next to me. I measured out an apprappropriate length, attached it to the front edge of the channel, folded the remainder back on itself and voila! No more iPad pitching oover backward. GREAT...
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    ZAGGKeys ProPlus for Ipad questions

    Photo? Sounds like a great idea
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    Add and remove movies

    I have found that, for movies in the video app on the iPad, if you hold your finger over the thumbnail of the movie you want to delete, an "X" will come up in the upper left-hand corner - just as you would see if you were deleting a downloaded app. The secret to success is to ALSO delete it...
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    ZAGGKeys ProPlus for Ipad questions

    No. The lights surround the keys. They are user switchable for three levels of brightness (and, of course, off). I have one and think it does everything promised. Used it on an airplane and had no trouble "seeing" the keys