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  1. red_seal

    What are you reading now?

    I'm reading the graphic novel transmetropolitan, it's very cool and it seems like something that would happen in the future lols
  2. red_seal

    iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

    Thanks, I'll check that out : ) Well it seems like the unit turns on and I unscrewed the casing and noticed the cables were disconnected from the circuit board, so I just popped them back in. But my iPad doesn't see it at all when the icade is on, so something isn't transmitting and I don't...
  3. red_seal

    iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

    Hey everyone, as some as you may know I have a none working iCade cabinet for my ipad. I think it was the shipping guys fault, it got so banged up in the box on the way to my house that it doesn't work properly at all. I got a full refund, but I'm stuck with this cabinet. I don't like...
  4. red_seal

    I think my iPad retina died : (

    I was watching kenny vs spenny on my iPad as I was on my way to work and my iPad turned off. I thought the battery died, even though I knew it was odd because I had it fully charged in the morning. The iPad will not turn on at all, it just stays blank. I tried holding the home button and...
  5. red_seal

    Multiplayer Games

    Awe okay awesome, will totally will do! : ) I really wish nintendo would just make mario kart for all devices but oh well *giggles I really like my ps vita for games but my sister would never get one. I love iOS, I'm just really surprised that there's not that many games to play multiplayer...
  6. red_seal

    Multiplayer Games

    Awe thank you, those are good suggestions I personally wish there was a multiplayer game like journey on the iphone, or dragon's crown or some kind of racing game. Oh Well : (
  7. red_seal

    Multiplayer Games

    Hey guys, me and my sis have been looking for multiplayer games to play with either our iPhone or iPad. Me and her used to play ps3 and stuff against each other. We love dragon's crown lol But I'm trying to find something on the iPad or iPhone that is fun to play multiplayer. There doesn't...
  8. red_seal

    My new iPhone 6 is making my iPad annoying

    Same, thanks so much ! : D
  9. red_seal

    My new iPhone 6 is making my iPad annoying

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it so I don't see little bubbles of people from my friends list every time I'm picking through windows (by double clicking the home button). I don't mind seeing them on my phone but I don't want to use my iPad to contact people really, so I'd...
  10. red_seal

    Square Enix Knocks 50% off Secret of Mana Price

    I'm soo picking this up !!! Or downloading it in I mean? aha
  11. red_seal

    Looking for the right app for the job.

    I'd stick with the bigger names that have a good track record on computers just because they work better and don't crash in my experience. Native Instruments' Traktor is the best DJing one for sure. But also look into companies like Moog, Korg, Propellerheads, Lemur, Auria. I'm sure there are...
  12. red_seal

    Looking for the right app for the job.

    I think iPads make good friends for laptops when it comes to music. Because if you are using something like lemur on your ipad, you can easily do what you're saying but the iPad would be controlling your computer wirelessly. I took music in school and I love using certain music apps like...
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    Welcome Jacob ! : ) *hugs*
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    Welcome! : ) *hugs*
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    Welcome pduffer! : D