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Recent content by rd86

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    Jigsaw App

    Anyone recommend a good jigsaw app with plenty of jigsaws! Call me sad.... :)
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    Is there a Twitter app with password protection?

    Just sign out of twitter.....
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    Can't delete some emails from my iPad2

    Good :)
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    How to I display email sub folders

    But if you set your other folders to push too they should come up? Or is it still just the inbox?
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    Replacing my sync'd laptop?

    Are wanting to move everything from the iTunes on your current laptop or just the things currently on your iPad?
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    Replacing my sync'd laptop?

    Right that's good forgot to ask are you a windows user and if so is it xp, vista or windows 7?
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    Replacing my sync'd laptop?

    Do you own an external hard drive?
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    music to ipad2

    Are you syncing for the first time? You have to do the same thing for apps. Click on your iPhone which is located on the left in iTunes and go through each section such as apps, music, info, etc and tick the things you want to sync. If apps is not selected then iTunes will think you don't want...
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    How to I display email sub folders

    You can get the other folders pushed down by going to settings - mail - click on your email account - click folders to push. The mail client is brill once it's set up how you like it. Saying that they won't be there if not already in place on the device. What mail provider are you using? I...
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    Recovering deleted text from iPad Notes App

    Notes can be synced but you will have needed to select this option prior, if you have not sync the notes that were lost then they will not be there any how. If you did sync when the notes were there you could do a restore. Rhys
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    IMAP mail not downloading

    Firstly I'd make sure that the server address used etc are all correct. My dad had a similar issue with his iPhone mail. His IT department had to make sure his account was set up correctly to allow it to sync with an iPhone/iPad. Hope someone else can be more specific.
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    PC Guy Considering ipad 2 (?'s)

    Steve have a watch of this YouTube camera connection review. Will give you an ideal of how it works. The USB connector has had it's powered lower so many camera cannot be plugged in directly. If an sd memory card is in your camera you could plugged that in. Here's the link -...
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    PC Guy Considering ipad 2 (?'s)

    Hi Steve. You can use a computer to transfer photos back and forth. An even better way is to buy the camera connection kit which allows memory cards to be placed into it and you can put photos straight on the iPad. iPad can be charged by USB but it takes ages compared to using the mains. Yes...
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    new member

    Welcome David :) Rhys
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    IMAP mail not downloading

    Try turning the iPhone on and off if not try closing the app fully. Is it a work email or a hotmail, gmail etc ? Rhys