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Recent content by Raja1205

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    Why Floating of Images not working properly in iBooks?

    Text overlaps on Floated Images in iBooks Hi, I have created a sample ePub with CSS image floating style (Ex: img {float:left;}) and loaded into the iBooks (version 2.1.1). Floating of "Image and text" displays well but in most of the occurrences "text content" overlaps on the floated...
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    JAVASCRIPT support in ePub2/ePub3

    Hi, I think that "iBooks" supports (limited support) JAVASCRIPT in ePub format files. My question is as follows: I have created a sample ePub with the following functionality: ------------------------------------------------------------------- By default, Image display shows partial portion...
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    How to correct word breakage in ePUB (Tamil font embedded)

    I have found some solution to solve this this issue. Change your actual content (i.e .html/.xhtml) into UNICODE text using UNICODE converter. This method solved the unwanted word break issues. Note: Fonts not required for the UNICODE formatted ePub.
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    Epub rendering problem in Ipad iBOOKS

    Thanks for the reply. I have tried the above mentioned procedures but still no use. I have solved this issue by changing ".html/.xhtml" content into UNICODE text and now looks great.
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    Epub rendering problem in Ipad iBOOKS

    I have created an ePUB sample with the embedded TAMIL font "SHREE-TAM-0800.TTF" and loaded in Ipad iBOOKS. It displays well but reflow is causing the words to break at awkward places at the end of the line (Refer attached screenshots.) Note: 1. Words highlighted in the screenshots should be...
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    How to correct word breakage in ePUB (Tamil font embedded)

    Could you help me, how to correct word breakage in ePUB (Tamil font embedded). My problem is: I have created one ePUB (TAMIL font embedded) and loaded in Ipad ibooks. It displays well but some word unwantedly broken and gives bad reading experience at the end of each line. (Refer attached...
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    Tamil font embedded ePub not displayed in Ipad iBooks

    Some tamil font embedded ePub displays well in Ipad iBooks and some tamil font (Ex: SHREE-TAM-0800.TTF) embedded ePub not displayed in Ipad iBooks. Could you help me how to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.
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    Kobo e-reader for my Ipad

    I have installed "Kobo e-reader" on my Ipad (1.0) but i don't have idea to load .epub books in "Kobo e-reader". Can you help me any one please!!!
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    New Member Introductions

    Hello Friends, I want to introduce myself to the forum as a new member and I look forward to sharing lots of information about the Ipad with all of you. My best wishes, Raja. S