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  1. Quizzer2093

    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    Nice case, been looking for a good case for awhile. Thinking probably will be getting new iPad in a couple months, and will definitely get a case with it Sent from my iPad (ios6 Beta2) using iPF
  2. Quizzer2093

    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    Cracked screen three times.. Knock on wood, never had a cracked screen, and I have dropped my iPad on pavement, cement, the floor. I used to nt have it in case but now I use the gumdrop one Sent from my iPad (ios6 Beta2) using iPF
  3. Quizzer2093

    Cannot install Shazam

    Probably not available in your app store
  4. Quizzer2093

    Free Books And Apps From Sr. ?

    I use Pixel of Ink, it's a website. Just google it and you will find the site It sends me an email once a day with free or bargain books for the kindle
  5. Quizzer2093

    What are you reading now?

    Book 1 : the hunger games
  6. Quizzer2093

    iOS 5.1 update and wifi connectivity

    Updated to ios 5.1, been running it for about a week and have noticed significant battery improvement, and wifi connectivity for me. I had to reboot the iPad 2, slow very unresponsive but the reboot fixed that
  7. Quizzer2093

    What have your named your iPad?

    My iPad 2 is named Flipper: replaced my aging desktop which was named Flipper-PC
  8. Quizzer2093

    Dream Heights's Neighbor code

    My friend code VZQCVJ
  9. Quizzer2093

    Customising my ipad2

    If you use unsecured wireless to surf the internet then us surfing the Internet is not secure. But if you use a password protected wireless network it is secure. Still wouldn't do a lot of banking on it but I have ordered items via the ipad2 All depends on if the network admin of the wireless...
  10. Quizzer2093

    Battery life on ipad2 after ios5.1

    I've had no issue with battery life, since upgrading to IOS 5.1
  11. Quizzer2093

    iPad 2 or Dell laptop..which one to buy???

    I have a desktop computer, as well as a iPad2. Even when I am at home, i find myself sing the iPad more often then the desktop but for graphics design, web design, and gaming I still go use the desktop. But everything else is done on the iPad2
  12. Quizzer2093

    Insert images in mail

    With the ipad2, ios5.0.1 If someone emails you wih an attachment and you want to forward e mail with the attachment. Just hit forward and iOS will ask if you want to include attachments
  13. Quizzer2093

    Which case would you get?

    Still in the process of looking a cases, but currently use the following. Got it from my parents, I needed a CSS and by had this as an extra case
  14. Quizzer2093

    Show Your Art!

    That's awesome artwork
  15. Quizzer2093

    Multiple Yahoo Instant Messengers

    IM+ IMO Are a couple of messenger clients that allow multiple yahoo / msn accounts