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    Restoring without losing jailbreak

    I have: War Dragons Cheats, Jurassic Park Builder cheats (although I should get rid of it, it doesn't seem to work), Browser Changer, Activator, Piracy tweak , Applist, Piracy tweak, BigBoss Icon set, the Cydia stuff, Filza, Ifile, Piracy tweak, Piracy tweak, Patych, Repo Icons, Substrate Safe...
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    Restoring without losing jailbreak

    My ipad is booting rather slowly and sometimes needs a forced shutdown and restart before it'll get off the Apple logo. So, what's the best way to deal with it without losing the jailbreak? I researched and found a tool on Cydia that can partially restore while keeping the jailbreak, but not...
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    Health App

    Darn. Wonder why they didn't do it for all of them and if they will later.
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    Health App

    I have iOS 8 but the app isn't here anywhere. How do I get it?
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    Strange boot behavior ipad 2

    Ok I'll synch it later today...I will need to reload my stuff after the erase all content reset, I assume. Hope it works.
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    Strange boot behavior ipad 2

    My ipad 2 goes to a black screen for up to 30 seconds or so between the boot screen and the lock screen. Yesterday, it crashed twice while booting before I got it working. I ended up pressing the home button-power button combo and then it started to boot. It crashed, I did the button push...
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    Should I update ipad 2 to 8.01 or no?

    Though the news talked about the rollback, the new update showed up on my Ipad 2. I've had no big problems with ios 8 but should I update or no?
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    Ios 7?

    Why is it saying my software is up to date with ios 6? I had to make room and did but the update isnt there now. It's an ipad 2.
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    Is itunes down for anyone else?

    Mine is acting strange that way. I can open it and search but not download. Sometimes it says it can't connect to Itunes. Sometimes my PC's iTunes says the same thing. And I know it isn't my router or my device-the internet and other functions work fine and my other devices are on wireless fine.
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    N64 Emulator keeps crashing

    I'm using a Ipad, original version, purchased back in December. I'm running the current IOS 5 version. I DL'd the compatible Nintendo 64 emulator from Cydia and a few roms. But the emulator keeps crashing when I try to start a game. Anyone know why that would happen?
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    Wallpaper rotator?

    I think the only one with a stock rotator is a Windows 7 PC; even on my phone I had to download an app. But the ram thing makes sense, thanks.
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    International purchases?

    Hmm maybe I'll pick up one of those Visa gift cards, see if they'll take that, since I haven't a way to obtain a UK iTunes card.
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    Wallpaper rotator?

    Does Itunes store have an app to allow multiple wallpapers on your device? I found one for my Android phone, but don't see anything yet for Itunes...and Firefox is out because it's not out for Ipad and probably wouldn't have the rotator add on if it were. Thanks
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    International purchases?

    Is there any way at all to get an app from a store other than your 'local' one? One of the apps I'd love to get is a UK one and I'm aggrivated. I know about UK Itunes cards...would a US credit card work if I got an account with the UK store? Is there danger of Apple detecting the non-UK location...
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    I imagine there are a few like me, I got an Ipad 2 for Christmas. The original plan was Itouch, but I'll still be happy, between the Ipad and fixing our phone plan so I can do music on my Android. I still have the best of both worlds. I usually go by Mel online, I'm 30 and from the Chicago area...