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Recent content by quake5254

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    Clash of Clans Chat

    My favorite game.
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    Having a bad weather (flooding), having sick kids, i have my ipad with me most of the time. I always get an update.
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    Update: my nephew with dengue is not yet ok as his platelet count is going low. Still in the hospital. My Faith is strong and my strength in The Spirit.
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    Now its his twin brother having fever. Hopefully not another case of dengue.
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    Thank you so much for your positive thoughts (it kept me calm). Thank you for your prayers (it kept my family safe). 2 days ago, my nephew had high fever and was rushed to the hospital at 3am. He was diagnosed with dengue, and his platelet count went too low. With the sickness and flooding...
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    Thanks scifan.
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    Awww, possible evacuation is in effect for affected areas in the greater metro manila area. And my nephew is in the hospital where it is mostly affected (Marikina).
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    Awwww, tropical storm Maring. Awful, flood everywhere.
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    What I see in my backyard...

    Hahahaha, that was interesting and funny! Thanks for sharing.
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    wifi connections

    Try switching off your modem and router for a minute then switching it on again. Hope that works..
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Hi Lanny. Im from the Philippines. Lately I've been seeing this small humming bird like feeding on the flowers of the moringa tree. They hover the same way as the hummers i see in the US. What I know is that we don't have humming birds here. (Well until lately, somebody also released a squirrel...
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    What I see in my backyard...

    And we have squirrels now in the Philippines. Somebody brought a pair and just released (or accidentally escaped) it here in the city. Those that aren't familiar, are amazed, feeds, and takes pictures up close , not knowing the disease and danger it can inflict to children.
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Doing nothing and I'm bored.
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    Luckily, me and my family are safe here in the city of Manila. Mom's town up north became an island on the map during the storm. When its supposed to be hills and flat lands surrounded by mountains. The news can really scare people showing footages of the flooding knowing my relatives lives in...