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    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    i haven't been on this forum in awhile. I've already sold my Ipad with retina display, and will be ordering the Air as soon as it's available.
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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    I haven't visited this forum in awhile. I'm pretty happy with my Ipad 2. I had the original Ipad and got the 2nd gen for more storage. It will be tempting but, I think I'll stick with my Ipad 2.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I finally got it installed. When I got a message that said the server was unavailable (like I had been told) I stopped for a while, tried it again and, it worked.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I've got that far and, it still failed. I guess I have to keep trying or just wait until later.
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    Ios problems

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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    Thank you. I tried it on my windows computer and, it seemed like it was going to work but, now it's stuck in recovery mode. I'll try again or later.
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    "Cannot RESTORE, ERROR 3200" ....After downloading io5...

    I think there may be some confusion. I'm not sure about anyone else but, this is happening after I've downloaded the update. I don't get a error 3200 (or whatever it is) when it tries to extract the software to do the actual upgrade is when this happens. It just says it can't restore because of...
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    Ios problems

    WTH! that's the first thing most people would try! it's not working Thank you!
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    Ios problems

    I think this may be a common issue. I have Itunes 10.5, it updated to that last night.
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    Ios problems

    I'm having the same problem with my Ipad 2.
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    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    This is a interesting thread. I guess I should tell my story. I have the Ipad 2 and love it but, I got the Xoom on launch day. I returned it but, don't laugh; I went back and got it again. I like both devices but, if pushed to chose; I would keep the Ipad. I'm just a tech geek . I own a...
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    How much should i sell my ipad 2 on craigslist?

    It's seems like returning it would be the best option but, if it's too late; Ebay is the next best and safest. The fees can be a killer though. A week ago you may have been able to sell it for more than retail but, demand seems to be slowing down now. Good luck.
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    here comes the competition...part 2

    I wouldn't care for Samsung's touchwiz UI. I wish the manufactures would quit putting their own UI on top of the OS.
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    How much space do I really need? (everyone has this prob)

    I would go for the 64Gb if you can afford it but, I agree with the advice about the 32Gb being a good starter choice. When I got the 1st gen Ipad, it was just the 16Gb model. I didn't know until i started using it how much I'd need but, when I started putting movies and music on it, it filled up...
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    Printing from iPad 2

    Awesome answer! I was just poking around and saw were prin -n- share was integrated with Airprint in Pages. I thought that was cool.