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  1. PreVoiD

    iPad coop RPG?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good iPad RPG with a solid coop function. I have already tried Order and Chaos, which is all good - but I'm looking for a RPG which is more in line with Baldurs Gate, and Ultimate Online for example. I recently read about a game called Avadon on this forum, but I am...
  2. PreVoiD

    Dream Heights's Neighbor code

    Please add me! I play 23/7! Code: BIZCOCE
  3. PreVoiD

    TuneIn car mode

    What is car mode, anyways!?
  4. PreVoiD

    MSN + Facebook app?

    I'm sitting with an iPad 2 and a Logitech Keyboard Case. I'm currently using to connect to msn live messenger and the facebook chat. However, when switching between conversations, I have to press on the screen with my finger. Not that big of a deal, but when you have 5-7 conversations...
  5. PreVoiD

    Best note taking app for iPad

    I am in medical school as well! May I ask what your focus is, and what you'll work with after graduating? :) I bought an app called “iAnnotade PDF“ which does cost a few bucks, but is THE best app for the exact thing you are asking for. I use this app every day in class for taking...
  6. PreVoiD

    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    What kind of problem do you have with the RX2? I mean, it's a stylus - right...? :P
  7. PreVoiD

    Best video player apps for ipad

    I'm an expert on this subject - and you sir, are correct. I've spent over 20$ on movie-apps and AVPlayer HD is my favourite by far. No stuttering whatsoever, compared to 99% of the other videoplayer apps I've tried. It's amazing how lousy performance you get when you play a 720p or 1080i/p video...
  8. PreVoiD

    How do you clean the fingerprints off the iPad screen?

    Too bad I live in Sweden! If you meet the guy again, tell him I've asked for him and I want him to come over here and help me out! I'll even buy him lunch, lol!
  9. PreVoiD

    Best note taking app for iPad

    I may have to revoke my previous statement regarding Notes Plus. Today @ lecture the app simply crashed 2H into the lecture. And then I mean crashed. I don't know why, since I was writing and nothing else. The end result? 2 hours of notes just gone, and there was nothing I could do to get them...
  10. PreVoiD

    How do you clean the fingerprints off the iPad screen?

    I got an invicible shield aswell. Man those are hard to put on!! I want everything to be perfect, but the result was only so-so. The edges on the bottom didnt align perfectly, but what ever! :)
  11. PreVoiD

    Free wall papers

    The last picture with the dog could be taken from National Geographic! Yes - it's THAT GOOD! Keep it up @OP, you got some talent going over there!
  12. PreVoiD

    150 of my favorite iPad wallpapers

    Is it possible to download these wallpapers from somewhere else, since the moderators have removed the link? I never say no to wallpapers! :)
  13. PreVoiD

    Whats a good app to stream drama or movies on iPad?

    Where do you have all the videos that you want to play on your iPad? If they are located on your harddrive, then it's easy to fix! I'm a big fan of Air Video, which is super-simple to setup. You download their software from the internet (pc and mac) and install it on your computer, and then...
  14. PreVoiD

    Best note taking app for iPad

    When it comes to the note taking apps, I'm afraid that I've tried them all. Really. All of them. So I know everything when it comes to note-taking apps, lol. In my case, I preferred the app called "Notes Plus". It was a wonderful app during version 2.X of it - but it has been updated to version...
  15. PreVoiD

    New Vodio iPad App, Brings Flipboard Approach To Videos

    Sounds cool, downloading it right now! :)