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Recent content by Prasius

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    Jack Reacher Fans

    Tom Cruise? Jack Reacher?! What idiot did that casting!? Why not just stick Shia La Bouf or Steve Carroll into the role.... *rolls eyes* Sorry to disagree but I don't think Cruise is an "amazing actor", he's okay, and he's been lucky to have been high profile enough to draw big box office hits...
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    Gadget Show Live 2012

    As long as Polly-anna doesn't sing again... I think she's very nice, great.. Personality.. But, singing really isn't her fortè! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Would you buy a 99$ HP Touchpad?

    I'd buy one, it's only a matter of time before hackers get Android running on it. £100 for a decent full sized android tablet has got to be worth anyone's money. I'm Apple and iPad through and through; but I'm not fanboish enough to not think that's a good deal! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Name a Pet Peeve!

    Hmm... Aggressive stance that. We'll ignore the huge ecological impact of lithium mining for starters then (the quantity we'd require for wide scale EV use is far beyond what we use in our phones/ipads/etc....) Plus the vast majority of the planets electricity IS NOT from renewables or...
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    Wife with iPad vs Husband with Xoom

    This is a point I made about Android phones before - in the UK (and anywhere else handsets are heavily subsidised by mobile networks), Android phones are much cheaper than iPhones. Now, some of us are willing to pay the premium for Apple devices because of customer service, build quality...
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    How much do you pay to go to the movies?

    At the local Odeon multi - £9.90 for a Premier seat (bigger comfy one - best rows in the cinema) and about £8 for a normal seat :(
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    Reasons why people hate the ipad...debunked

    With due respect I don't think either of those two things were unknown by the wider apple user base. ;). I'd bet money that in January/February 2012, there will be a new iPad3. Notwithstanding the outbreak of World War 3.. And even then I think Apple would be irritated to change their release...
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    SweetPoison At The Apple Store

    If you go to the website and read the full blurb, it is :) It even has a Steve Jobs doing a keynote upstairs :d
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    Reasons why people hate the ipad...debunked

    Ref the earlier comment about not being able to download music/video and have it automatically integrate into your iPod/video app. You can if you buy it from the iTunes store. ;). I do have some sympathy for the complaint, but I think its one of the things consumers need to understand and...
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    SweetPoison At The Apple Store

    Yeah, but that still won't turn my freshly built HTPC into the 12 cored MacPro I wish it was ;)
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    SweetPoison At The Apple Store

    Am I the only person who actually wants this? They really could stick an apple logo on anything :( Lol
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    Name a Pet Peeve!

    I can't help thinking you're wrong... ;) See, British bacon actually looks like meat... American bacon looks (and tastes) like some scrapings from a shoe. Horrible stuff. And I'll add more seeing as it's moved to cars; Electric cars - an environmental white elephant which are impractical for...
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    What is DELL thinking ? Ipad Fail??

    ...which is more to do with legacy than anything else I'd suggest. Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft. I think it's almost inevitable when a brand becomes almost a monopoly simply by having the best product at the time. After a while they stop innovating and die; it wouldn't be...
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    What is DELL thinking ? Ipad Fail??

    Wishful thinking? Gizmodo carried a report the other day about tablet sales and how the iPad wasn't just dominant, but all conquering. :)
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    Reasons why people hate the ipad...debunked

    Couldn't care less if someone hates the iPad. It's not my fault they're poor and can't afford to buy one. :). I'll be sure to throw some small change at them the next time I leave Starbucks ;)