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    can't bear the wait.

    Well, you may get lucky. I ordered mine june 4th, was supposed to ship june 18. Just got email from apple today (june 15) SHIPPED! Fed ex says delivery on june 17. So, im a happy camper.:) Also, the apple case, and camera kit also shipped and will be delivered on the 17. Looks like they have...
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    Finally got my iPad

    Good for you! Let us know what you love about it, and what you don't like about it. Ive only played with one for ten minutes in apple store. Mine is supposed to ship on the 18 of june. Can't hardly wait. Have fun with your new tech toy.
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi, my name is Mike. Im living in mid Missouri. I can't wait to get mine,(ships june 18). Learning all i can here before it comes. The book, Missing manual for Ipad just came out. I wanted to get it on the Ipad, but couldn't wait anymore. Seems very good, covers about all things. Thanks for...
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    I ordered the case, and the camera conn. kit. Both are supposed to be shipped on july 2nd. Still waiting on the Ipad itself (32 gig wifi). Its supposed to ship june 18. This waiting is getting old.:(
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    Mac Classic Turned into iPad Stand - Video

    That is fantastic! Very slick. I love creative uses for old things. Simple, but kicks ass. Good find.
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    Sign up and join the conversation!

    Ok, you got me. Found you guys in march and bookmarked you. Been lurking and learning since. Just got back from vacation in st. louis, WITHOUT an ipad. All sold out, even at the best buy apple retailer stores. So, came home and in less than an hour ordered my 32 gig wi-fi from apple online...