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    Looking for a new Note-taking app for iPad, Windows, Mac, etcetera

    Hello: I currently use GoodNotes, and I like it because it allows me to import a PDF document and take notes right on it. The problem is, GoodNotes does not have a PC counterpart. I want to be able to do the same things on a PC or Mac that I can do on my iPad. And that includes DRAWING and...
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    My ipad's gps always on, running up my data and wearing down battery

    Figured it out! Star Trek movie app was using it like the world was coming to an end. Required location services to be on but was lightweight until today. Must have been a new update. Nuisance app, too. Was annoyingly light on info about upcoming movie and just now costed me $10+ in...
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    My ipad's gps always on, running up my data and wearing down battery

    Subject says it all... No apps running, already shut off and restarted, no effect. Little gps icon is active in upper rt corner, and no apps should be using it. Plus, I'm out of data now. How can I reset the GPS or iPad? iOS 6.1
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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I was unaware of any WIFI problems. DSL works fine when I'm at home; LTE works everywhere else.
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    Anybody Upgrade iOS to 5.1.1?

    No problems here. It did result in an automatic reboot, but that's not unexpected.
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    Feeling a bit strange when in public

    If one is ever in fear for one's life, then one should be willing to use deadly force, whether or not a weapon is at hand. The criminals living amongst us are COUNTING on us rolling over to play dead, and that is why they get away with so much evil. We will not fight, and we will not punish...
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    Looking for a good iPad app for recording my labor on various projects

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I shall investigate!
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    The Jury has turned in a Verdict.

    I think this will ultimately hurt technological advances. I should be able to code anything with a programming language except maybe a competing programming language. We are hurting ourselves!
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    Feeling a bit strange when in public

    It's only a matter of time before misplaced guilt will begin to hold you back in life. You worked hard, and you're making good life decisions. Go with that.
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    Feeling a bit strange when in public

    I don't let anybody from the press tell me what is elitist and what is not. The press is elitist!
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    Overnight 8-hr Charge stopped at 65%

    Curious, what does Apple charge to replace batteries...for any of their devices?
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    Overnight 8-hr Charge stopped at 65%

    Deep discharging batteries is usually not good for them, regardless of type. No, Lithium batteries don't have "memory", but deep discharging is very rough on all batteries. But in Apple's case, since they recommend we do run it down to zero periodically, I would bet that there's circuitry in...
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    Overnight 8-hr Charge stopped at 65%

    Just bear in mind that batteries are not precisely tuned energy containers. It's actually quite difficult to correctly estimate the SOC (State of Charge) of any given battery. To disappoint you even further, your particular battery may have an idiosyncrasy that makes it impossible for the...
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    Missing Music from iPad 3

    How kind of you! I think I'll be fine. Changing the metadata seems to resync the songs, so I'll do a few genres each day. :D
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    Missing Music from iPad 3

    I just did that with New Age, and that is adding 157 songs as I type this.