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    Got my air yesterday and christ I am really really really impressed with the weight and bezel changes..... One day in and I have to say I am in love. Hope everyone else loves this pad as much as me.
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    Lost audiobooks

    first thing i tried did not work mate.....
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    Lost audiobooks

    Hope someone can help with this. Just bought a new laptop and did a restore on my ipad but although everything else is available on my purchased list audiobooks are not. I go to the ones I know I have bought and they give me the option to purchase again but not download. Everytime I go to them...
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    iPad 3 wifi slow as heck, cant find a solution anywhere

    Get this a lot myself with downloads and have found that pausing for around 30 econds then resuming helps most time. I think it depend on how busy itune is but am probably wrong....
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    white ipad discolour ?

    I decided after having ipad 2 and ipod touch black to get the new ipad in white so it did not seem quite as samey. Trouble is I ended up with black cos Apple store ipads seemed really dirty white towards the adverts. Do they end up losing teir lovelyness after a few months and going creamy...
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    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    Got my Ipad 3 on launch day and I am super duper pissed never mind those who got theirs last week. Dunno about most other people but £600 was a hell of a lot of money for me, Let us be honest this is not a refresh it is a whole new model what with new camera , chip , wifi connection , and...
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    TV out not working for my US bought iPad on a UK TV. Possible they're not compatible?

    I thought the same thing as you and could not get it working either. Here is why and they do not tell you this. It is not tv out as such and the only way to watch stuff is using AIRPLAY with the wire connected look for the icon on screen while playing a video press that and hey presto. Sorry...
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    IOS 6 Internet probs

    My I-PAD keeps reporting that I have no internet connection no matter how many times I reboot connects eventually but is it happening to anyone else and does anyone know if I can re-install IOS 6 in case something has gone wrong ?
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    IOS Upgrade

    Hi just upgradeded new ipad but how come no ipod 3rd gen upgrade or is it coming later ?
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    Identify New ipad from version 2

    Just look for the microphone key on the keyboard when typing . hope that helps mate.
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    Nothing shows up in my App Store purchased section?

    Great everything just started appearing again 06:35 UK time.
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    Purchases gone

    Please help I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail. I used my birthday money on I tunes cards and went on a spending spree buying all sorts of games and apps but unfortunately soon filled up all my memory so I thought I would reset my I-pad and for the time being just put the...
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    safari search

    OK So close tabs on safari and click curved arrow then pick google search thanks. But why such a hassle I cannot figure that out at all Thanks a lot guys.
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    safari search

    That is exactly what I thought but when I pull that tab down all it gives me is: HISYORY BOOKMARKS APPLE AND USER GUIDE where my ipod touch gives me google yahoo etc my ipad doesnt, Hope that helps
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    safari search

    I do not go on safari very often but when I do I always have to type in the top search box . Is there any way to get the google search box in the middle of the screen like I use in firefox on my laptop cos I really want to start all my surfing on I-PAD instead of PC but I just cannot stand...