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    When can I buy one in a non-Apple store? Best Buy maybe?

    I had bought the third generation iPad that was originally purchased from Target store in USA from a third-party on Craigslist. Fortunately, very fortunately I had kept the receipt. As soon as I heard about the fourth generation, I ran to the store and returned the third generation one. But I...
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    Why are people dissing the rear camera?

    I think it is basically tailored to be a video camera just as the front facing one. Just like your video camera does not shoot great stills, this one does not, either. It does shoot acceptable 720p quality videos from what I have seen so far. It lacks focus of any sort, macro mode, and flash...
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    Barclay card financing for iPad 2

    I spoke to the Apple representative and he said that it is a simple credit card and if you don't keep the Apple product, you should just go ahead and cancel the card, and there is no penalty for not using a service. Also, since this morning, the link to where you apply for this financing...
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    Barclay card financing for iPad 2

    Hi, Does anyone see any potential penalties or problems with this rather convenient financing option with Apple iPad 2 purchase. I have a good credit history but I think setting up an automatic payment to pay the balance off in next one year slowly sounds like a good option. I am a...
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    iPad 2 and future possibilities

    It's just too early to tell for almost any apple products because they have such a short shelf limelight before the next best hits the market. :P
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    iPad 2 and future possibilities

    Very well written response. Thank You. It clarified most of the things that I didn't understand from a consumer's standpoint. I guess in the end it is Apple who win and consumers lose to some extent, being unable to choose the service they desire regardless of the device. iLounge posted a...
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    iPad 2 and future possibilities

    hello forum, Please feel free to move/delete this thread if it violates any rules of reposting or such. I am planning to buy an iPad 2 (one of the strong contenders in my list in addition to Toshiba Tablet and Blackberry playbook) soon. Mostly going with Apple, thanks to this forum. :)...
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    I want the iPad2 soon, where should I go?

    Try at Steve Job's house, that's your last resort, but I heard he was in the line outside one of those stores, too! ;)
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    AT&T Data 2X Verizon?

    I don't understand. For the time I possessed an iPhone 3Gs, I was constantly annoyed by the slow 3G/EDGE speeds on AT&T back in 2010 in New York city, NY and in areas around Chicago, IL. I sold the phone and moved to Verizon with a blackberry for work. The blackberry sucks so much for usability...
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    Am I the only one who thinks the camera Sucks?

    I just came across this website -;thum I think under good day-light, this camera does an acceptable job. You won't be awed by the results, but it's good for a quick capture. I have the iPod touch and it takes pictures...