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Recent content by pik0

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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Great idea for an mind mapping extension!! So, instead of just a multi-nodal architecture, to allow the definition of an archetype for each linkage. Perhaps the archetype hierarchy could be specified and maintained in a separate mind map? The FreePlane project is open source, perhaps some...
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Okay, finally got level 19. Took a week and many variations on layout before it made sense. By comparison, level 20 was a SNAP (less than 5 minutes). Now stuck on level 21. I got the update, but I haven't seen yet what changed... :)
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    LOL!! Puzzle 19 still has me stuck!! I can't figure out how to shoot the Blue. All other colors are solved on this panel... :P Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Ah, well considering I'm still stuck on 19 would explain why I totally didn't notice the in-app purchase point at 25... :P Thanks! Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Awesome! I've really been enjoying this app. Lots of fun puzzles to make my brain hurt! Too bad you decided to give this app away for free. I would have gladly paid a buck or two... :) Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Fun game! I can see my son playing this! :)
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    iPad just shut down

    Press and hold the home and sleep buttons for a few seconds to reset it. Might bring it back. Piko The Daily Mapper
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    Going to buy today.

    If you can wait a few weeks, please do as there are so many raging rumors of the iPad 2. No point in jumping the gun if you can avoid it. That being said, buy the most iPad you can afford. You'll appreciate the extra memory and 3G later, even if you don't think you'll need it day one. As for...
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    Hi New owner 64gb 3g on 3.2.2

    I've given up jailbreaking iPhone and iPad products long ago... :) Piko
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    iPad Jewel-Box with BlueTooth Audio

    Hi Rod, Interesting design. Not sure what problem you're trying to solve, as it looks a little bulky. The iPad is notoriously thin, so that would seem to be a better goal. Piko
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    convert movies

    Use the iPad presets. That should set it to mp4 and h.264. Piko
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    New! Cant turn on ipad????

    Ditto what xune said. Make sure that iTunes is installed and running when you connect the iPad. That will get things going. Piko
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Hi guys, So check me out. I have worked for the last 6 months to develop a new kind of organizer! Instead of the usual confining hourly grid, each page of the book is laid out as a mind map page. At the center of each page is a bubble with the date already typeset. From there, you draw in...
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    wait or keep Ipad

    Simple answer: If you need and can use the iPad now, keep it. If you can wait, return what you received and buy the next one. It's guaranteed to be WAY better than the first gen... :) Piko
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    apple wireless keyboard questions

    The Apple Wireless Keyboard is not intended for iOS, but for Mac OS X. So, most of the special functions will do nothing. The control, option and command keys only come in to play during text entry. Navigation on the iPad is intended to be a tactile experience. So, you won't find very many key...