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  1. petermillard

    Terrible battery life.

    To clarify, "Usage" is the length of time you have actively been using your iPad, and "Standby" is the length of time the iPad has been unused but not being charged i.e. not powered down fully, but left 'on standby'. Both Usage and Standby values will increase as you use the device. Top your...
  2. petermillard

    Terrible battery life.

    What are you using your Air for, out of interest? Streaming video over wifi would hit the battery harder than say, reading or browsing, obviously. And how high do you have your screen turned up? My wife's Air doesn't get anything like the battery life that mine does, but she has the screen so...
  3. petermillard

    Sending TXTs from an iPad

    Here in the UK some carriers have an app that allows you to send texts as if they were sent from your phone - O2 has one called TuGo that allows this, and will also make cals over wifi - so check your carrier to see what they offer. As an aside, I've never seen a tablet-based SIM plan that has...
  4. petermillard

    Who is iCloud?

    Yes, Apple. Seriously, have you ever seen any advertising on iCloud?? Apple pays for this from profits they make on hardware sales. It's a service they provide to Apple ID account holders. Here ya go - Apple - iCloud - Your content. On all your devices.
  5. petermillard

    Amazing battery life

    My Air arrived Wednesday morning. Restored from iCloud backup, topped off the battery to 100% then used it as normal - a few hours of video, reading, browsing, invoicing and estimates, email, messaging etc.. etc... I'm not a heavy user, I could comfortably get 10 hours out of my original iPad...
  6. petermillard

    Numbers for ipad

    Yes. It's under Functions > reference > vlookup. HTH Pete
  7. petermillard

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    Yes, I'm in. Currently have iPad 3 (retina) that I do most of my 'computing' on and a Mini that travels with me. iPad Air will replace the 3, no plans to replace the Mini with retina just yet. iPad 3 is my last 30-pin connected device - be nice to get everything onto lightning connector...
  8. petermillard

    Connecting to Virgin media wifi

    Do you have Virgin Media's "SuperHub" router? On the back there's a panel titled 'Your Wireless Settings (default)' SSID: virginmedia1234567 Passphrase: abcdefg SSID is the name of your wireless network, passphrase is the password to connect. On your iPad go to Settings > WiFi and select your...
  9. petermillard

    iMessage problem pn iPad

    No probs guys - country variations are always a headache, and the TU Go app is quite a recent addition.
  10. petermillard

    Podcast with RSS or iTunes

    Personally, I prefer to use a podcasting app - I'm very happy with Downcast, I know others who prefer Pocket Casts - don't know anyone who prefer's Apple's Podcasts app, but it's free so may be worth a try... They're all in the App store. HTH Pete
  11. petermillard

    iMessage problem pn iPad

    Not sure if AnneUK is actually in the UK, but FWIW Google Voice is US-only service right now. Alternatives available in the UK (Whatsapp, Viber etc...) are more like iMessage (IP messaging) than texting. Here in the UK there are carrier-specific apps that allow you to continue texts and voice...
  12. petermillard

    Help,which app to buy to create invoice like excel

    I'll just add that unless you're planning on generating only a small number of invoices, using a spreadsheet for the task gets old pretty quickly. I'm a happy user of QuickSale - an invoicing and accounts app in the App Store that's well worth a look; they have occasional free trial offers, so...
  13. petermillard

    Bose soundock.

    Put the Soundock into pairing mode, then turn on bluetooth on the iPad Mini (Settings>bluetooth ON). Select Bose Soundock from the list of available bluetooth devices and let them connect. All sound from the iPad Mini should now play through the Soundock - music, podcasts, youtube soundtracks...
  14. petermillard

    Apple TV with iPad mini

    Had this once with my iPad Mini - a hard reset sorted it out; press and hold the home and power buttons until the Apple logo comes on the screen, then release them and let the iPad restart as usual. HTH Pete
  15. petermillard

    What diary

    I think you're probably going to have to define 'best' i.e. what do you want the app to do that the built-in 'calendar' app doesn't?