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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Ordered black 64gb wifi. My iPad 2 is 3G Verizon, but since my cell plan now allows tethering, I don't need that anymore. As for the GPS, not much I used it for that I can't use the GPS on my phone for. I will give my old one to my parents, so they can do FaceTime with us.
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    DVDs to IPad?

    Thanks for this recommendation. I just did the trial and was impressed so went ahead and purchased the license.
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    Check out Costco iPad special for cases

    Yes, but you posted the notification in the iPad 2 Forum, so I thought that was important to point out.
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    Check out Costco iPad special for cases

    Not for iPad2 though These are for first gen iPads though.
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    Tricking out your iPad 2

    Yeah, I'm not too impressed by the version for W7 phone either. I know for a fact that they were developed by two entirely different groups and have been told that the iPhone version is much better, and I think one update has already been released. I'm trying to find out if they'll be doing an...
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    Tricking out your iPad 2

    BTW - did you know that OneNote has released a version for the iPhone now? I don't know if they'll be doing iPad next or not (I know someone I can ask), but you could use the iPhone version on your iPad if you wanted. It's free right now, and looks like it has better reviews than MobileNoter...
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    Next large shipment iPad 2

    Yes - I just saw a note on FB from a friend of mine who wanted to get one for her birthday today. The Apple store told her to be there at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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    Where to buy my Ipad 2 in San Diego?

    I am not in SD, but at this point, I think it is pretty much sold out everywhere. You could try your local ATT or Verizon stores if you want a 3G version - maybe one of them would have one, btu I dought it. The main Seattle Verizon store sold out on launch day as far as I know - hard to say if...
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    got OWNED by Verzion

    I had to power my iPad2 off completely and back on in order for the Verizon 3G plan to activate. Did you try that?
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    It worked! Thanks everyone. They should really add this as an FAQ on the Verizon set as well as let the store personnel know - phone support too.
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    I wondered if rebooting might do it, but of course I completely forgot to try. I'll try that and see if it works.
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    Well, yes I tried, but how am I supposed to get there via 3G if I can't activate it!
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    That's the first thing I did, and that's where this is happening. I use the username and password that I registered with Verizon when I set up and paid for the account. Then I get the message to do this "reprovisioning" that's not working. Also, I have to have a wifi connect to get this far -...
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    You can be assured that once I get it working, I'll be requesting they extend the plan by the number of days that I haven't been able to use it!
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    Verizon Store 3G Help FAIL

    That wasn't the store that had those suggestions to take out the battery - it was their corporate technical customer service! The rep helping me at the store knew better and had to tell them that it could not be removed. I'm not really frustrated with the store, as they only found out on...