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    Spoof web page into thinking I'm not using an iPad?

    My take on Rhapsody's statement is that this is a decision on their end rather than just a matter of iPad capabilities. I was hopeful that the hacking community might have some additional workarounds. Does icab handle browser identification differently than Atomic?
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    Spoof web page into thinking I'm not using an iPad?

    Yes, but this unfortunately still doesn't work.
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    Spoof web page into thinking I'm not using an iPad?

    Hi. I'm running a jailbroken iPad and using Atomic Web Browser (in identify as desktop Safari mode). I'm trying to log in to Rhapsody's web page, but can never get past the login dialog. I have frash installed. Are there any other tricks - perhaps something on Cydia - to identify me as a...
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    Been ripping movies to iPad, Wish I have gotten the 64gb!

    The iPod touch/iPhone preset on handbrake gives a pretty good balance between quality and file size - looks fine on my iPad. Usually 200-250 MB / hr of content.
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    Review - Best Skins Ever

    I picked up the cube skin a few weeks ago. Very happy with it.
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    Bluetooth audio from iPod to iPad?

    Thanks. Unfortunately Rhapsody's standard account allows three computers and only one mobile device. It considers the iPad a mobile device rather than a computer (and their less restrictive web interface is flash-based). Oh well.
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    Bluetooth audio from iPod to iPad?

    Any thoughts over whether this is possible? I have a rhapsody account with my iPod touch as my mobile device. It would be nice at times to use the ipad's better speakers, e.g. when i'm on a business trip and away from my iPod speakers. Thanks.