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    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    I already ordered the iPad 3. I upgraded because of the retina display , quad gfx, 1 gb of RAM as well as the new processor A5x . I use my iPad2 for a lot of photo related stuff and I believe it will make the photos I share look considerably better. The new camera with 5mp is a plus. I would...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Yea about 45 minutes ago, that was 6:50 PM MST . I ordered the 64GB black Wi-Fi only iPad 3. Now to be patient til the 16th.
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    New iPad 2 Mock-Ups Surface with Much Thinner Body and Big Speaker Grill

    Well I think the addition of a larger speaker is a definate plus. I know it is needed because when I am alone and want to listen or watch news and videos I would prefer to not be using headphones. That grille pictured may or may not be accurate but I would be fine with it if it works as I hope.
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    iPad 2 Could be Available Almost Immediately Next Week

    I am going to be waiting with anticipation. However I will first have to see how many of the rumored changes actually do come to be correct. If in fact Apple has included a retina display along with front and rear cameras that will be a plus but it could also mean a hike in price. I had a tough...
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    So from all I have read thus far it looks as if Zenio is the number one offender. ESPN app could also be an issue. The sync cable that is used ness to be the original from Apple for the iPad, not generic. The anti virus application may need to be disabled during the backup. It would seem that...
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    Wifi info app

    I just purchased inet . I am pleased with it but the inet pro version has more features. I believe it is what you want. Inet is in the app store.
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    My Photos app is suddenly crashing !

    I resented my photos after deleting some duplicates from my saved photos. That seems to have resolved it. Thanks
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    My Photos app is suddenly crashing !

    Yikes, I see what you are suggesting alright. I may have a bit of a problem there in that I have a few thousand pictures in there. However I do think what you are saying could be the problem.
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    My Photos app is suddenly crashing !

    In the past day or two my iPad started crashing when I go into My Photos app. I start scrolling thru the pictures in any album or event , it gets down the page aways and suddenly the screen turns black and the iPad goes thru the restart process. I have also experienced this in a couple other...
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    A Much Better Notepad..

    It had better be or It had better be enough or I am going to have to start a new 12 step program for iPad junkies huh?
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    A Much Better Notepad..

    Yea well thanks alot Now I had to download it cuz you all did. Why are we limited to just 222 apps ? I am an app collector !
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    I want to have the ability to create my own albums and be able to simply drag and drop pictures from one to the other. Please let us have the option to rename a photo and or add a caption. I too would like to have the option to make my own playlists with the songs I have on my iPad right...
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    Creating Photo Albums ON the iPad

    I wish we could take photos we import to the iPad from the camera and place them in an appropriate album. Or even rename albums afterwards from the iPad. Why should that not be easy?
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    Is the iPad a laptop replacement?

    The iPad lacks some things you get from a laptop. You will not have a CD/DVD burner for one. There is something to be said for that built in keyboard on a laptop. It is an all in one package. If you think about it the keyboard display on out iPads is pretty touchy and a bit awkward to use . It...
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    Does iPad bluetooth work now ?

    When I originally posted this, I should have stated I was wanting to use the bluetooth to swap photos from the iPod touch to the iPad. I can not get my iPod to see the iPad or vice versa. My iPad wont see the bluetooth cell phone I have either. I thought it would be nice to use my cell phone to...