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  • I have noticed that, could you try to bring some of the guys over here?
    I would have left if that was the case..posting is half the fun.

    Yeah...i hope KingBowser comes here...also Sking,Spyro king, etc. A kid can dream, right?
    You have been there for a while, and barely posted...what did you do when i wasn't there?

    Thats too bad for the others. I didn't know i did that of an effect on wiichat. I hope they come over here:)
    yeah... i dont know. I really see no future in wiichat. A new nintendo system will come out in the next 4 years. Still thats no reason...the other one is really that i want to meet other people, wiichat got old to me..
    Yeah ill be here. Just not on wiichat. Im hoping ill get to see my friends from wiichat here.
    Yeah you better...xD. If you might have notices i left wiichat. Too bad, so sad. I got banned because i told napalmbrain to ban me or i would spam until i did get banned. All i need to say was in those paragraphs i made.
    I dont know, im just that cool.:cool:. Well anyways indroduce yourself to the other. Im sure they´ll be happy to meet ya.
    Hey im Dave better known as DG or DG~X, i would like to personally welcome you to the Ipad forums. Hope to see you around.:)

    Hey PB! Above i just say that to every new member to make them feel welcomed. You liek so far? And heres your chance to post and not be so behind in post count!:cool:
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