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  • May 21 and super mario galaxy 2 comes out.

    Happens to me all the time with girls..xD

    True, its like your guilty until proven innocent.

    I use to when i was like 9. Not saying its a kids game but i stopped at that age.

    I guess that comes in handy, but i would still like a boss that knows what he is doing..

    WOW! That is gay! I had a friend like that saying we are going to that bowling alley. I was like what time, and he said ill cya there...i came and he said "where were you!!" xD

    Inglorious bastards?

    Thats cool. Im DG~X over there too.

    Na, i dont play pokemon.

    Also, im getting really active in conduit and now i have friends on there.
    xD. Don't you hate in jobs that your boss is retarded.xD

    Seriously, what were you trying to say?xD

    You could, im in a clan if you want to join it. Im sure you could.

    xD. I dont know what you said there.xD

    Yeah, i go to and add people from there.
    Like what do you mean from what you said?

    fuh speeckinm gehrmen

    I would add you now.
    How so?

    I was kidding.xD

    I amh vehry sowwee.

    Its really fun when you have a lot of friends to play online.
    I came there today to do some work for one day. They put me working for the big moss( probably the CEO) and i had to serve him..for like 5 hours. Good payment though. The guy is so damn picky and he asks for so much. I wouldn't have been surprised is he asks me to tie his shoe. I was seriously going to deck him in the face.xD But i pretended that i liked him.

    xD, or in your case 40.xD!!!!!j/k

    I lost you there, in what are you getting paid for?

    Yaeh mei niehr.xD

    Yeah, pretty soon ill be getting back to conduit. It's a really fun game, just Mariokart is so addicting.
    I guess, but its lifting boxes!xD

    I hope that doesn't happen to me. But if i think about it, if i save 20 a week..that sorta 100 a month. 1200 a year.:) Not bad.

    Ill search it up today. Just at the moment im getting addicted to mario kart.xD

    OH!! Thats what you it happens though.:p

    Its all good, just would be funner if we both had a game that had wiispeak.
    Haha,i really dont know if he does.xD But how can you suck at lifting heavy boxes.xD

    I get my money from lunch money. My dad gives me $20 a week, and i use like $10. 10 bucks a week builds up to some serious moolah!xD

    Yeah, it kinda is and isn't. If you know what i mean.

    Haha, why did i remind you of that.xD. Ill try them when i get the chance, also i love MGS.:)

    That C word you gave me i really had to go to my dictionary on my computer and search it up.xD You know why its like that?

    Hmm..yeah my mom would give me a big scream if she saw the phone bill long.
    I know, i can probably get one where my friend works.

    Cool, look forward to talk to ya.

    No one in my family is a video game nerd. Well, that i know of.

    I remember when you used to say objection all the time!xD

    YEAH! U R MR GAY...xD

    Damn that on the other side, i live in new jersey. Its possible i think.
    Your lucky you have the age to get a job, even though i can probably pull it of being 16. At least get wiispeak so maybe later on when a good game comes out with wii speak we can both buy it.

    Man, i wish my uncle was that. He works out all the time, and if i borrow his 300 pound equipment ill be squashed.xD

    xD. I should sue for that.

    I know right! I hate that, and in super mario galaxy on the cover theres soemthing funny. Like the name Super Mario Galaxy on the cover theres something to it.

    Where do you live?
    If you get conduit, ill be playing that a lot since i have a friend on it!lol j/k. I can just join a site that exchanges conduit codes.xD

    You have Xbox..PS3!!!Is better. IMO. I hate that so much, i bought a game just because it had the little blue wifi sign and it turned out it was only showing you videos of good people.xD

    Hmm..maybe sometime in brawl we can do that.
    Yeah, you can have like 10 people on it, instead of getting ACCF you should get conduit. It also supports wii speak and its 100 times better, I have the game to. I stopped playing it awile ago because i had no internet so i always got diconnected. Im going to start playing it again sometime today.

    I wonder why it has wifi. Hope its not like mario and sonic at the olympic games, it only showed records online.

    Well it might not be a sequel but it had the same setting a SM64. Had the castle, the had the same details from the outside.

    I talk on the phone on brawl because while your playing its so hard to communicate.
    I dont know how much it cost together but the game cost $40. The wiispeak is $20-30. Nope, but i did talk to Boz. Maybe if you get wiispeak you,me, and fox can talk.:) Surely me and you will talk.:)

    IM NOT LIEING. You know how big of a luigi fan i am!!!!LUIUGI!!LUIGI!!!LUIGI!!!xD. No bit seriously its coming out. It will be awile probably, but it will come out.

    It was in the nintendo news.

    lol, im definitely getting super mario galaxy 2. And ever since i got the wii since like june 2007, ive heard of a game. Like i was buying the wii in rocker fellar center down at new york. And at the top there was a tv saying a game called koopa forces was coming out. It never said the release date but it looks like a sequel to super mario 64!!!(my favorite game).

    XD! They could be a rapist wanting to know how a 17 year old boy sounds like.xD. J/k. I know what you mean.:p
    I dont have ACCF. Ive rented it and played it for like a month. Its good, it is entertaining.

    There are good games coming but i dont know if they have wiispeak. Like luigis mansion 2!!!YES! has wi-fi i know that. And supermario galaxy 2. The new realease date is may 23. Thats a must get game. Dj hero 2 comes out in december.X_X xD.

    xD. I usually talk on the phone but with people that i know.
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