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  • I can play now if you see this, or we can see each other on brawl possibly.
    Maybe today...sorry i didn't go on brawl yesterday since i fell asleep to early. I was really tired, and today i might be able to play chess. Maybe not since we are celebrating mothers day today. Im going to see iron man 2, and eating at olive garden possibly.
    Lol, i wasn't on yesterday.xD So i guess next week end or today. Whenever really.
    Well, you are shy and don't really talk to new people unless they talk to you I believe. But when your comfortable around the person you can't shut up.xD j/k

    Its friday, I can play chess for a while today tomorrow too.
    Shy i see.

    Yeah i didnt send one.xD but lets play when i see you on brawl. Im might not be on as often anymore probably.I dont know why...caught up with know.
    Then go around the forum and make more friends.:)

    Ok.Ill just send the pm now then since im ready. Brawl is getting really boring.-_-.

    Well, i use safari so i just switched to firefox for a sec. Say on wiichat you forgot you password, they'll make you put your email address and in a few seconds it will be there. Put that password in the firefox(in my case).
    Yeah, i would be cool if you came here more often.

    Basicly i can this whole week since i have nothing planned. I just beat God of war III so im bored.

    ReallY!? That happend to me here, but i fixed that easy peasy.
    Couldn't you squeeze a few minutes on weekdays?

    Cool, just saw your last visit and it was like 5 days ago.
    I've decided to talk on the wii always on wiispeak. So in our msgs to make it easy for me ill talk them.:)

    LOL. For a second i read her little white boy.XD!

    Ok, sometime this week, but i warn you i won't go easy!
    Sorry for late response, my computer was broken.(sorta)

    Yeah, i was kidding though about the black thing.xD

    Which is sad, if you refuse to grow up. Then you will be with your mom( in your case mommy.xD) for the rest of your life. Now thats sad.XD! j/K

    Yeah, anytime you want to.
    Then that would make us what?

    No if your black your always accused guilty.

    That would be sad...a grown man playing pokemon.xD
    Haha, na i just hang out with a lot of girls.(just friends)

    Unless if your black.

    The 19 year old man with kids, or still liking pokemon at 19?

    No, i just didn't get what you meant.
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