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Recent content by Pathak

  1. Pathak

    iPad 3 Launching March 7?

    Will iPad 2 cost less with the launch of iPad 3 ???
  2. Pathak

    Would you be interested in an iPad Mini (7" iPad)

    No, that would be highly compromising the comfort of ipad.
  3. Pathak

    Black or white iPad 2?

    Hey will someone tell me how to vote, every time I tried to vote, it states i have already voted !!! :(
  4. Pathak

    iPad 3 Launching March 7?

    I am really waiting to see iPad 3, this will also be acid test for Apple minus Steve !!!!
  5. Pathak

    Tim Cook Comments on the Future: "products that will blow your mind"

    This is really very encouraging.
  6. Pathak

    Fans of the Late Steve Jobs Holding Birthday Party For Him Today; He Would Be 57

    You know you've made an impact in people's lives when they hold a birthday party in your honor, even after you have passed on to the next world. That is precisely what some fans of the late Steve Jobs are doing for him today. The New York Post reported yesterday that a huge celebration for Mr...