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    Worked for me........... 1.D/L iPhone Configuration Utility Apple - Support - iPhone - Enterprise 2.D/L IPhoto from App Store After downloading the apps, launch iTunes and connect your iPad to Sync with it. Now launch iPhone Configuration Utility and click on the option “Applications” on the...
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    Photography cataloguing on Ipad

    Photoshop is now the photographers best friend. The talent has now gone from photography to the ability to use photoshop.
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    Apple TV hdmi connection

    As long as the receiver will pass thru the audio
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    Wireless N vs Wireless G?

    Thanks all
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    Wireless N vs Wireless G?

    Thinking of upgrading my router. Is there any noticeable difference in speed when using a broadband connection? Thanks
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    First installed applications

    Many thanks for the "In App Purchases Tip" Here is the info for those who don't know: Go to “Settings” -> “General”. Scroll to “Restrictions” and tap the “Enable Restrictions” button. You’ll be asked to set a passcode which will be used to lock certain iOS functions. Scroll down to the...
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    HD Movies on iPad. What the heck?

    "This brings us to the audio support – media audio streams supported include MP3, AAC, and the amazing Dolby Digital AC3 format. Couple this with Apple’s Digital HDMI cable, or if you have an Apple TV, Airplay, and you have a portable media extravaganza!" AV Player HD: Why Wait to Watch? |...
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    HD Movies on iPad. What the heck?

    AV PlayerHD is playing my MKV files. (At Itunes store)
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    Newbie Here With Couple of Questions

    Tim: Many thanks for your excellent info.
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    Newbie Here With Couple of Questions

    I have received an IPAD1 from my son who upgraded to 2. I have the following questions If anyone is willing to give me an answer, I thank you. 1. Does the backup/restore function in ITunes backup everything? ie:apps,settings,user names,passwords,etc? 2. Can the restore function in ITunes be...