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  1. Nova69

    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    Zinio was cause of my slow backups I was experiencing backups of as long as 8 hours until I made two changes. First, I turned off the backup of my magazines using the command in the Zinio app. I also switched my usb sync cable from a generic to the original that came with the iPad. Now my...
  2. Nova69

    Ipad shuts down in heat lawsuit.

    Greenhouse effect These people need to realize that the same process that works in a greenhouse is at work here. A greenhouse heats up because incoming visible solar radiation from the sun is absorbed by the things inside the building. Glass is transparent to this radiation as it enters...
  3. Nova69

    How to Organize the Apps?

    App Arrangement For now, my apps are free range. I'll corrall them into folders when 4.0 Is available.
  4. Nova69

    how many 2 Ipad familys??

    1 64 gig 3G for me, 1 16 gig wifi for my wife and another for my daughter = 3.
  5. Nova69

    My review: biggest issue: book reading aps are not up to par.

    The website "Son of Citation Machine" can help you out with any citation problem you have. Simply enter the type of citation you need, fill in the blanks that appear, and it will present you with a properly formatted citation that you can cut and paste into your paper. It's a real boon if you...
  6. Nova69

    Download Overload

    There's an app for that! :)
  7. Nova69

    iPad owners average age

    I'm 62 and am retiring at the end of this month. My first computer came as a box of parts that I had to assemble myself. My first modem came somewhat later, was 300 baud, and required that you dial the number on your phone, rip the cord out of the handset, and connect it to your modem before...
  8. Nova69

    How to keep kids from accidentally deleting apps

    For every deleted app, delete one kid.
  9. Nova69

    New and still waiting.

    Yep, I had all of them. it's amazing what programmers could do back then with 5 - 16K of Ram.
  10. Nova69

    New and still waiting.

    Hi all. I'm still waiting for my 64gb 3G but have been enjoying the action here. I guess I'm a bit of a geezer because my computer experience goes back to where, when you bought a computer, all you got was a box of parts and maybe a metal case to to hold the circuit boards you soldered them...