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Recent content by Norm01

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    IPad and Apple TV

    Does anyone know if the IPad can stream to the Apple TV without a network. In other words, if I bring both to a cottage without wifi can they still work together.
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    IPad remote control

    Do you need to buy Tango remote on both devices?
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    Programs you can Get in US only - Why ?

    The actual reason is licensing agreements, in the case of PBS, someone owns the rights to distribute in other countries therefore the US cannot directly distribute it outside the US. This will affect anything with video, audio and book content.
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    SIMs Card

    Just buy an AT&T sim on EBay, when you get to the States you sign up on the IPad, you will need an American credit card and address. You can buy a prepaid Visa or other that will work.
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    Can Australians buy from the US App Store?

    Why the PM's, get a friend from the U.S. To buy you an ITunes gift card and the redeem it. Voila! Done. No secret.
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    How to: download pdf magazine from web

    Unfortunately, you cannot do it from the Ipad, it a PITA. The only way is to download/save on a PC and e-mail it to yourself or drop it into Itunes and sink.
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    iPad Case

    The latest version of the Yoobao is my favorite right now.
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    App store

    For some reason I cannot open the App store on my Ipad. When I press the icon it momentarily opens and quickly switches to the Itunes store. My password and account login are correct in settings. Any ideas. I think it may be caused by the HGTV app.
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    Moving pictures or files to SD

    I bought the camera connection kit, it's great for moving pictures from the camera or SD to the IPad. Now I would like to selectively move some pictures back to a different SD card using the SD card reader. Is there an app that will do this without a jailbreak.
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    Stream directly from NAS

    Anyone find a nice app to stream directly from an NAS Upnp, most streaming apps will only stream from a PC. I want to stream directly from the NAS without turning any PC's on. I am now using MLPlayer lite and it's ok but nothing great.
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    Glad it worked for you, now go ahead and cancel it on the IPad, don't worry it will stay active for the 30 days. This will make sure it does not auto renew next month. If you don't do it before you leave the States you may not be able to cancel easy without AT&T service in Canada.
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    Try an Apple store if there's one near you. In Canada they give you free of charge Bell or Rogers sims. I had ordered mine through Ebay before heading south, when I got to the States it was an easy sign up. Keep in mind that I believe you need to be hooked up on wifi to get the sim set up, if...
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    I want to use AT&T Micro Sim for iPad while in the States

    There's lots of info on how to do it in the iPad carriers forum on this site.
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    Save YouTube videos to your iPad for offline viewing

    Anyone figure out how to make this work with ABC.