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Recent content by Nikhil

  1. Nikhil

    What are you reading now?

    Man ur cool I read them like took me a month to complete whole series...ur epic good reader
  2. Nikhil

    What are you reading now?

    I read that book
  3. Nikhil

    Whenever I install apps from App Store I'm returned to Home screen (iOS 6)

    Is this the place to tell that?....I thought you guys tell that only while welcoming people.
  4. Nikhil

    What does everyone use to clean their ipads screen?

    You kidding me?
  5. Nikhil

    What does everyone use to clean their ipads screen?

    I use some cloth given to my screen's probably micro fiber cloth
  6. Nikhil

    Pepsi or Cola?

  7. Nikhil

    Which is the free video player?

    Ya it is I use it
  8. Nikhil

    DragonVale Friend Requests

    Dragonvale... Hi guys I need a friend in dragonvale who can give me lots of gems.I want to have at least 5 dragonvale players some 1 please send me request I'm level 16 GC {N1kh1l}
  9. Nikhil

    Unable to send requests from gc

    Hey guys I'm unable to send friend requests from my GC.
  10. Nikhil

    [Add] Game Center Friend Request (Zombie Cafe, Dragonvale... etc)

    My GC ID IS {N1kh1l} Please send me request I'm not able to send requests
  11. Nikhil

    DragonVale Friend Requests

    Any 1 can be my friend in dragonvale?????
  12. Nikhil

    Ipad upgrade

    If your using ipad 1 then it's not applicable
  13. Nikhil

    NDS emulator?

    Any 1 help?........I nvm even if I need a jb ipad
  14. Nikhil

    Game center friends.

    My GC is {N1kh1l}
  15. Nikhil

    The Oscars

    Wow finally life of pi finally a Indian film