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Recent content by Nepheler

  1. Nepheler

    How to Record Smooth Video

    Very beneficial information.
  2. Nepheler

    Video to import

    Your problem may be caused by incompatible codec issue, try to download some professional iPad video players or use a free video conversion app such as free video dvd converter ultimate to convert the unsupported video to ipad playable H.264 or MPEG-4 file format.
  3. Nepheler

    Cannot play video after iOS 10.2 update

    Which iPad model do you own, iPad only supports to play H.264 or MPEG-4 video with specific resolution, frame rate, bit rate.
  4. Nepheler

    iPad Air 3 Release Date

    There is no exact data on iPad Air 3 release but many rumors: iPad Air 3: release date, rumours, specs & pricing
  5. Nepheler

    How to transfer files from Ipad,Iphone or PC

    There are 3 different ways to transfer music, video and photo files from computer to iPhone, iPad: sync via iTunes, install the Dropbox app or use the Airplayit streaming function.
  6. Nepheler

    External storage

    I am in China now and you are right DropBox cannot be used here. But with a VPN you can still open and use Dropbox. And iCloud drive is another way as onoline storage.
  7. Nepheler

    Transferring music from i Pod to i pad 2

    With iTunes, I believe it can easily be done. But just make sure your file are supported by iPad 2, if your files are mkv, mov, or other formats, use a video tool to make them iPad compatible files.
  8. Nepheler

    Black screening

    Back to factory settings may help. Just a thought.
  9. Nepheler

    Upgrading ipad2

    I don't recommend the uprgade, I upgraded our iPad 2 to iOS8 and it becomes extremenely slow. Probably it is related to the limit storge. My iPad 2 is 16GB.
  10. Nepheler

    Apple Confirms September 9th Press Event in San Fransciso

    The post seems to indicate the press screen.
  11. Nepheler

    Dropped my iPhone 6 Plus

    Thanks twerppoet. I was planning to update my 5s but hesitated to decide which one to take. It's good to know screen can be replaced alone!
  12. Nepheler

    Apple Might Not Launch a Successor to the iPad Air Line this Year

    I was wondering if the nex gen will come with a rose pink version.
  13. Nepheler

    Dropped my iPhone 6 Plus

    I like the Wallpaper on new phone ;) One of my friends dropped her 6 and had to pay bucks to get a new phone. I remember the touch screen ob previous 4/5 series can be replaced separately. I just don't see the point why they'll change this design on 6/6p. That would make things easier.
  14. Nepheler

    What's the last movie you saw?

  15. Nepheler

    Will you be renewing your Apple Music subscription after the trial ends?

    Haven't made the choice but probably will not