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  1. mwhoody

    Books in itunes

    I'm sorry I should have mentioned that I'm using itunes on a PC and the books I'm referring to are not bought.
  2. mwhoody

    Books in itunes

    Hi My wife has a128 gb(?) ipad air 2. She has over a 1000 epub books loaded in. She asked me to install one more book for a series that she is reading. I opened itunes and selected "Books" and ready to install one more book, but I don't see any of the books that I installed before. I don't see...
  3. mwhoody

    Loading books from itunes to ipad air2

    I have itunes and an ipad Air2 I am trying to load epub books onto the ipad air2. Before there seemed to have been a "Book" category under Library. But now I don't see it. Is there a way to get it back? I used to load books through there. How do I go about loading books onto the ipad...
  4. mwhoody

    Loading books

    File Browser eh? Just looked it up, and yeah that may be what I should be using. I like, "less complicated" Thank you
  5. mwhoody

    Loading books

    No these are not books that were purchased from the ibook store. They have all been run through Calibre as all the rest of the 2000 plus books that are already loaded
  6. mwhoody

    Loading books

    I am having trouble loading books into my wife's ipad 2 I have the latest itunes loaded on my computer I "Add Files To Library" and the book "count" goes up accordingly I then sync. Itunes goes through the process of syncing and as it's syncing i could see the books showing up on the ipad...
  7. mwhoody

    Facebook "Messenger"

    This just started yesterday. My Facebook Messenger keeps saying "Waiting to Reconnect" And then lower down the page it says: "Recent Once you start chatting, all you messages will be here" And the in a small square it says "New Message" And once you press "New Message" it takes you to a new...
  8. mwhoody

    Icon font size

    Thank you for your responses - going to give this a try
  9. mwhoody

    Icon font size

    My wife has an ipad2 with all the latest updates. I guess as with anyone, the eyesight starts to go a bit. So she is asking if there is anyway to increase the font in the icons. She is still ok with the email and notes - just the icon font size. Thank you
  10. mwhoody

    Buying books on itunes

    I'm new to buying books on itunes. My question is: If I buy a book on itunes site (Store), is that book only for the person that ordered it. Can it be shared with the rest of the families tablets. My family isn't to consistent with their tablets, we have an Ipad, a Kobo and a Samsung. Would I be...
  11. mwhoody

    syncing itunes with computer after computer crash

    My computer crashed a little while ago and I had to reformat it and reload itunes. Which is all fine. Now my wife wants me to load more books onto her ipad2. But when I hook up the ipad to the computer and open itunes, of course, none of my books are there. Now if I press the sync button it...
  12. mwhoody

    Ipad books with a newly formatted computer

    Thank you everybody for your help. My wife still hasn't asked me to load in more books - so I'll see what happens when the time comes. Scary
  13. mwhoody

    Ipad books with a newly formatted computer

    Does this work with only the purchased items? I have a lot of books and music and pictures that were not purchased through itunes Thank you for your quick reply
  14. mwhoody

    Ipad books with a newly formatted computer

    I just had to reformat my computer and of course had to re-install itunes. Of course when I did that non of the books or music showed up. My question is - what will happen when I plug in my wife's ipad? When I plug it in will I loose everything on the ipad? Is there any way to get everything...
  15. mwhoody

    Making a new folder in Safari (google)

    Oh wow - what an explanation! The instructions could not be any easier to follow. You have just made my wife very happy Thank you , thank you!!!