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  1. mwhartman

    100 GB of Cloud storage for $0.99

    BGR reports 100GB iDrive cloud for iPhone and iPad only costs $0.99 per year | BGR that iDrive now offers 100 GB (50 GB Backup & 50 GB Sync) of Cloud storage for iOS devices.
  2. mwhartman

    How exit Read only mode in Bamboo Paper

    Coach, I suggest you take a time out and re-read our rule book paying particular attention to what is acceptable when posting!
  3. mwhartman

    Bamboo Paper-Read Only

    Coach you received a reply earlier today in this thread Please do not cross post the same issue!!!!! This thread is closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. mwhartman

    Looking at the World With an Apple Mini iPad Retina

    Please reread our rules regarding cross posting (posting the same issue/topic in multiple threads/sections) This thread is closed!
  5. mwhartman

    In app purchases, Help!!!

    I suggest that you take time to reread our rules regarding piracy!!!! We have a ZERO tolerance policy for piracy and individuals that promote!!!
  6. mwhartman

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    Please reread our rules! If you have an issue take it off line!!!!!
  7. mwhartman

    Which App should i download to download all my prescribed Text Books?

    I believe your question was answered in your into thread. Please reread our rules regarding cross postings. This thread is closed.
  8. mwhartman

    Hay Day Discussion and Game Help Thread (NO FRIEND REQUESTS)

    I suggest both of you take a voluntary break. Otherwise, both of you will be on an extended break courtesy of me!
  9. mwhartman

    A Stylus for Writing Only and a Screen Protector?

    Please do not create duplicate threads with the same topic/question. One will suffice!!!!!! This thread is closed.
  10. mwhartman

    Post NEW Thread

    Here is the process which if found in the FAQ link located at the top of EACH screen: Click FAQ Apple iPad Forum FAQ Click Reading and Posting messages Board FAQ Click Posting new messages Reading and Posting Messages There is a good amount of information in the FAQ section so familiarizing...
  11. mwhartman

    Boston tragedy

    My sense is this thread has reached the end of its life cycle. Therefore, I am closing! The citizens of Boston and surrounding area need time to heal. Lets help them move to closure. Mike
  12. mwhartman

    Help power/sleep & mute & volume buttons not working

    Please do not cross post the same issue. This thread is closed!
  13. mwhartman

    Hay Day - Product Requests & Sales

    There is no hidden agenda here. Unfortunately, we have had more issues with the game threads and this particular thread than in any other section of the forum. I'm not sure why but it is very interesting. Perhaps, certain members, just enjoy controversy.
  14. mwhartman

    Hay Day - Product Requests & Sales

    And posting comments that add no value to the thread is not the way to reach six!
  15. mwhartman

    which ipad2 should i buy?

    I suggest visiting the Apple site and check out the items in the refurbished section. Apple really goes over these units and offers a good warranty.