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Recent content by MSaxatilus

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    Alarm Clock Advice Needed!

    Does anyone know if there is a third party app that would work like the iPod Touch's or the iPhone's clock app? Meaning in the iPod/iPhone app when a preset alarm goes off the lock screen awakes, and you can hit snooze directly from the lockscreen or choose to slide the lock open and disable...
  2. M App and Bandwidth Usage?

    Hey everyone, I recently had to purchase a WiFi hotspot for my office due to a 6 month building renovation and my normal office wifi connection has been disabled. In order to prevent me from going over my monthly data usage limits, does anyone have an answer to the following. What is the...
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    Renaming Apps/Homescreen Bookmarks?

    Is there a way to rename folders, apps, homescreen bookmarks, etc. on the iPad? I suspect the answer is "no" and you would you need to do this while syncing with the mac. Any thoughts? MSax
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    Development of an App?!?!

    Tim, Thank you. That is a great place for me to start. I appreciate your help. MSax
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    Development of an App?!?!

    Thanks Mods for moving to correct forum!! MSax
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    Development of an App?!?!

    All, I have a unique and what I think may be a very creative concept for an App for the iPad. However, I am not a developer. Nor do I know any developers. Are there any resources available that can help me move this idea from concept to practical application? I appologize if this is in...
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    Enabling "Secret" Multitasking Gestures on the iPad 1

    I see that the xcode takes up 10gb on your Mac, but does having this ability installed on your iPad take up any additional iPad memory? MSax
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    Suggestions on Business Card Reader?

    Doesn't look like there are many options for a business card reader for the iPad2 yet. Anybody out there that has an iPhone have any suggestions for a business card reader that may work on the iPad2? Thanks, MSax
  9. M via iPad2

    I have the same problem. I did call and they said they are working on the issue and hope to have a fix within the next few weeks. I'm honestly a bit pissed at Apple as they said that ANYTHING could be mirrored. Obviously this is not the case. MSax
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    Just Some Tips I came to use on my iPAD

    Great tips.....what does the reset once a month do for you? Msax
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    rear protection

    You can find those at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. over in the cabinet/kitchen section. The are little bumpers for the inside of cabnet drawers and doors. Nice simple idea. Thanks for sharing. MSax
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    My New Carbon Fiber Cover

    Great question!!! Does it work with the smart cover? MSax
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    Ipad 1 upgraders! Are you keeping your ipad 1 or selling it?

    Mine is already sold, even though I'm waiting for my ipad2 to shown up. MSax
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    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    I've been using these for a while now and I like them. They are a bit on the cheap side (feeling wise) but they do the job quite well. Bluetooth Headphones : Bluetooth Stereo Headphones : Bluetooth Stereo Headset Headphones : iPhone Bluetooth Headphones : iPod Bluetooth Headphones ...
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    Sigh...Is there NO Desk Clamping Swing mount arm for iPad2?

    Its a totally great idea, and I've been looking for something like that myself for a while now. But unfortunately, the closest I've seen is the RAM mounts for iPad. They use either a suction cup (which is very strong) or a bolt on design. No removal clamp that I've seen. MSax