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Recent content by mraif

  1. mraif

    Apps don't work after iOS 5 update

    Yes, me too. And even when I am in some other apps.
  2. mraif

    Great case with stand!

    Yeah, check out the reviews on this thing...apparently the hinge pins are terribly fragile and break easily!
  3. mraif

    Best Facebook app for iPad?

    Me too!
  4. mraif

    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    Bingo! You took the words right outta my mouth!
  5. mraif

    iPad GPS-software

    I uese MapQuest 4's free, although is for iPhone so you have to put it in 2X, but it still looks great. And it speaks turn-by-turn streets! This is a great app that is FREE!
  6. mraif

    what type ipad case you got?

    +1. My wife gave me one for my birthday...
  7. mraif

    Handmade iPad Messenger Bag

    Any chance they do murces, you know, for men?
  8. mraif

    Cheap, Simple Bag for Ipad

    Great find --- I just registered and in for one! Just what I need, another deal-a-day site...I'm already a woot-aholic!
  9. mraif

    Where do you dl mp3s besides itunes?

    Zune Marketplace for me. I get 10 free downloads a month, so that's about a CD a month...
  10. mraif

    Watching movies/TV shows on iPad

    What, nothing in the kitchen or bathroom? :p
  11. mraif

    MUST HAVE applications

    As for a Bible app, I use BibleReader by Olive Tree. Another tip is to click on your App Store button as check out Top Charts for both paid and free apps.
  12. mraif

    Watching movies/TV shows on iPad

    Or the airport, plane, doctor's office, auto repair shop, or anywhere else where there is a possibility of an insufferable wait. :)
  13. mraif

    Case or a Man bag

    I use this one and it seems like it would meet your needs: Targus - CityGear Netbook Case - Black/Gray - TSM097US