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    Ipad external speakers ?

    Thanks for this link. I may just pick one of these up. I've been considering a portable battery Bluetooth speaker like the SoundFreaq SoundStep. Anyone have this adapter?
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    AT&T Sim

    Strath, Hope you are visiting for pleasure. I would think that you should try an AT&T store first. There are far more of them than Apple stores and they should know more about their product. You may want to have a chat session with AT&T customer service even before you arrive if possible from...
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    So, ipad 2 users, what are your upgrade/update plans?

    32 GB 3G Ipad works fine and is a keeper. I did get my wife a 16 GB Mini and must admit it is sweet and I'm jealous.
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    Dictation and Siri

    We haven't tried Siri yet on my wife's three day old Mini. I do have Google search on my IPhone4 and Ipad2. It has voice input and works amazingly well. I will compare Siri soon.
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    "Under the radar" planned obsolescence?

    I did not intend to sound insensitive in my prior comment. The correct term is 'functional obsolescence' for what we are talking about. While the product may still work, there are better solutions. Some call it progress.
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    "Under the radar" planned obsolescence?

    Here's a thought, don't upgrade your software. Newer software should mean more function. Some things not thought of three or four years ago are now popular. For a while our older hardware can understand some of the new instructions. If we are happy with our older technology we don't need the...
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    how long will apple support the ipad 2 for.

    Keep in mind that even after Apple stops supporting software updates you still have a functioning device. All you lose is the next latest and greatest feature. For many it's something that they can't even identify. The first iPhones still work as smartphones, just not quite as smart as the ip4s.
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    Sr. Citizen Questions; Contemplated Purchaser

    Bob, the answer to your questions is yes! The print is adjustable in narrow (portrait) mode on most screens in Safari. Opera Mini is available for the iPad and again, print can be adjusted. There are other browsers available from the AppStore. Information about the iPad3 is rumor only at this...
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    Using iPhone charger on iPad???

    iPad charger is 5-10 times more powerful than iPhones and much faster I understand.
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    To upgrade? And if so, which?

    I have an iPhone 4 and still decided on a 3G iPad 2. I don't need either of them, both are wants. That said, I want them to be convenient and easy to use. Like someone else said, skip a fancy lunch or two and the data is paid for. A story can be justified for which ever way you decide. Mine is...
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    FaceTime - IPad - iphone

    Thanks for the quick response. Answered all of my questions plus some I didn't know I had. FaceTime does have it's place. :)
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    FaceTime - IPad - iphone

    I received a FaceTime call a little while ago. I have both an iPad 2 and an IPhone 4. They both have the same email. Why did the call come through on the iPad but not the iPhone? Is there any way I can choose or transfer these calls. Never thought about this before. Help and thanks.
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    Love the ipad but i am going to return it...

    ?Why do you say that here?
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    Can i buy pay as you go sim card for 3G connection when visiting US? I am in canada.

    I think this may work through AT&T if you have GSM. I suggest you contact them.
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    Iphone and an Ipad - is that overkill

    I have both as well. The iPhone use has gone down slightly. What really gets neglected is my laptop. Still, all make sense to me.