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Recent content by Mr.Tibbs

  1. Mr.Tibbs

    Is there a game that allows two people to play together while next to each other?

    Understand there are apps and games you could play with partners no matter the location but i was thinking of something like a game where you had to talk to each other or put the two ipads together or something. If this needs more clarification i will be happy to oblige. so is there any apps or...
  2. Mr.Tibbs

    Need help finding an application to test wire diagrams or schematics please help

    Hey thanks a lot that is exactly what i was looking for.
  3. Mr.Tibbs

    What is happening to my ipad cover?

    Hello to answer the questions the markings seem to be in the middle of the plastic.... Well that what it looks like anyway to everyone I have showed it to. maybe I will look more into this gassing possibility also no I have not contacted the seller yet I only contacted the store I bought it...
  4. Mr.Tibbs

    How to link or sync iPad with Ps3?

    Hello recently I bought the the Dark Knight Returns and it says that it has an app. But for this app to work it says I must sync my tablet to my bluray player and they must be on the same network which they are... But how would I go about linking my iPad to PS3 so I can use the application? By...
  5. Mr.Tibbs

    Favorite or most unique accessory you have or have made?

    basically what the title says what is your most unique accessory or your best accessory that you have for your iPad? Or if you have one that you made that you are proud of post that are welcome.
  6. Mr.Tibbs

    What is happening to my ipad cover?

    Hello everyone so recently I bought an iPad two and then bought those covers that just cover the back and allows the smart cover front to fit on it. Then after a little while it started to have a purplish haze to it. I figured it was just a leaky pen or something but now, the purple continues to...
  7. Mr.Tibbs

    Need help finding an application to test wire diagrams or schematics please help

    Hello everyone I have been searching forever and have had no luck. I am looking for an app that will allow me to make/draw a wire diagram or schematic and be able to test it right there in the program. For example I make a diagram of a light bulb a switch and a battery. In the program I would...
  8. Mr.Tibbs

    Is there an application to work with the cord you plug into your car?

    Hello everyone I recently purchased the cord that plugs from your car(obdII) into your ipad. I know there are a couple free apps that work with the ipod touch and one called dashboard which is for the ipad that basically monitors all of your cars sensors. But my question that I have searched for...
  9. Mr.Tibbs

    Airport express for all?

    Also remember that if you use an Airport Express it will NOT support a usb hard drive, like the Extreme will. It only supports a printer I believe. (I am referring to the usb port on the back. This is another of the limited features.)
  10. Mr.Tibbs

    Best App for Conecting iPad to a hard drive connected to an Airport Extreme?

    Hello everyone I have done lots of searching but still have not come up with an answer. I recently got an airport extreme and connected a hard drive to it. I have since gotten my PC running windows 7 and my Macbook pro to see it and connect to it (both the Airport extreme and the Hard drive). Of...