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    New Desktop PC

    Hey, I need some help. My old pc recently died. I think it was an electrical problem, even though it was plugged into a surge protector. (I will be getting a new, more substantial one.) I tried to fix it by replacing the power supply and then the cooling fan for the processor. This didn't...
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    There is a Flash-oriented browser for iPhone called Skyfire, and the makers claim that they or working on one for the iPad. They say it doesn't do games, but does regular flash-oriented web stuff.
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    missing ipa files...

    So far my only solution that I could find was to re-d/l each application from iTunes. This is not difficult, and I am not charged for those that I have paid for, just is slow. Might be a good punishment for not having my back-up set up properly!! ;)
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    missing ipa files...

    missing ipa files...(hard drive portion of apps) Hello, Not sure if this has been covered before, but it is hard to search on "ipa." Somehow my "Media/Mobile Applications" folder is missing, and all of the apps are gone. I normally do a back-up for this exact issue, but had a cc# change and...
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    iPad will not login to library wifi

    Hello, Can't login to my library wifi. It is different than most other networks in that it asks for a login and password using it's own screen. I don't believe that it is Flash because I have connected to the network before. The network seems to not have any difficulty with Apple iPhones and...
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    Closing mailbox?

    I had this problem and tried doing this and it worked for me!!!