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Recent content by MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

  1. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Stuck in the country on a mini-vaca-bore-me not. I like it out here but some times too much is just that. Everything here is BIGGER and MORE and LOUDER and ROUGHER. I just live in a 1bed 1 bath with just me and a couple of pet rock and fake plants and stuffed animals 2 tvs & computers. BUT HERE...
  2. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Similiar games like tweens

    I can not find a similar one at the app store. My sister has one I am looking for a connect two with lines game. Most of the know are one pc the one I know is called Nisqually by popcap I believe. Thank you gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  3. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy mission

    Ok took me a while but ta- daa SOLVED Pour gasoline on the Zombie Go to wardrobe>next to the vampire costume > second, right on the bottom> now pour gasoline on him > found in liquids gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  4. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Simpsons tapped out (easter update)

    Has anybody been able to get these bunnies off off the game they are just getting kind of annoying, The game keeps saying I have too many bunnies in the game and to get Rid of some them, I unlocked krusty land and there are all these cholote. Bunnies and they do not go away. Is there a character...
  5. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy mission

    I am asking how to do it gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  6. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy mission

    Pour gasoline over the zombie I forgot how to make buddy a zombie. I used to do it all the time. Is it in nano weapons or Halloween Thanks gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  7. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Gamecenter id

    Never mind it is in my sig I get it gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  8. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Gamecenter id

    How are we supposed to find this is this my nickname or the name displayed at the top when I go to game center. I for got how to find this Thanks gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  9. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Made there shuld be a chatergeory for theis Wii legostars saga

    I am playing Lego starwars and the people on yahoo are dumb so it is Lego star wars 1-1 where you need r2d2 or r2q2. there are several videos on YouTube but I can not get all of the minikit in that first room because there is a blue force field blocking in I tried jar jar and that other guy like...
  10. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy missions make uncle sam dance

    Kick the. Buddy mission : Make Uncle Sam dance Sorry here's another one I can't beat Kick the buddy mission : Have a nervious breakdown at work The Internet (net,google,bing, etc) solutions are Make Uncle Sam Dance Dress Buddy up as Uncle Sam and buy the disco ball and he wii dance I have done...
  11. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy missions make uncle sam dance

    Ok I went to the net and I dressed him up and got the disco ball. He dances but I do not beat the mission. My buddy does not have any soes. gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  12. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Robision islandhow to get or buy this item

    How to buy coffee and cake. There is a brown skin grirl with a nice curly Afro selling some cool stuff and I would like these items. If u can craft these items please tell me hoe Thank you. Ps currently I am a cute girl avi I want to be hair skin tone and her hair ( I like men's cause it is...
  13. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Fairy Farm help

    Solved gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  14. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Fairy Farm help

    Where can I find the loyal friend. I do not seem to know where this is located . It is for the baby quest from the Prince gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre
  15. MoreAwsomeThanYouAre

    Kick the buddy no mercy goals

    Solved Which balloons are we supposed to present to the vamp gαмє Â¢єитєя ι∂: MoreAwsomeThanYouAre