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Recent content by mojOH

  1. mojOH

    PC WORLD: New ipad does not match old ipad on battery

    Don't use logic! Logic is the enemy! Lolz
  2. mojOH

    U.S. residents - who bought a lottery ticket?

    Me. And I bought in at work.
  3. mojOH

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I have a 2 and a 3 now. Some day something will click and you'll wonder how you ever lived without. It's great!
  4. mojOH

    Crime City Friends needed

    Used to b daily. Now every couple days. 611 640 446
  5. mojOH

    PC WORLD: New ipad does not match old ipad on battery

    This made me ROFL
  6. mojOH

    Which iPad model you have?

    Ipad 2. 64gig Wi-Fi Black. First time Ipad owner, loving every second!!!
  7. mojOH

    Cheap solution to an iPad stand

    Great "engineer-nuity"!!!
  8. mojOH

    Friendly is back!

    I was excited to see that when i checked this morning. Facely was a decent stop gap, but friendly is a lot more user friendly IMHO. I just wish friendly had the "collapse comments" option that facely does after you look @ comments.
  9. mojOH

    Yo from OH

    Hey all. Just got my first IPad this year. Went with the 2nd gen 64gig wifi black. Lovin' it but looking for app recommendations! Hoping to be able to contribute here some day!