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Recent content by mobi1

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    RTF editor app

    Is there any rich text format (RTF compatible) editor app in iPad which can open/save RTF documents from Dropbox, Onedrive etc.? Thanx
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    Why stylus needs charging?

    I had an old stylus (with blunt tip) which still works. However, I thought better to get one with pointed nib. But I am surprised to learn those require charging! What is the reason for that?
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    What will happen to my apps if i upgrade?

    My iPad 1 is jail broken on 4.3.2 and I have installed many apps via Cydia and other app stores. If I upgrade to iOS 5, do I lose all those apps?
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    iCloud is heaven!

    Dropbox was doing it all the time. Apple is quite good at making people believe what they are doing is first in the industry even though they are not. Of course due credit to their marketing team with huge budget.
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    Excel Pivot Tables

    No, you need real Excel for that.
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    Note Taker HD vs. Notes Plus

    Notetaker HD is better. The latest update is really good. Notes plus is buggy. Especially if you write fast it will miss some strokes. The best two handwritten notes apps are Notetaker HD and UPAD.
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    The Best 20 Free productivity apps

    Springpad Simplenote UPAD lite (free) Idea Sketch GoTasks Neu Draw Neatlist
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    iPad and using MS word (or similar)?

    Here is a comparison matrix I prepared. iPad Office app comparison.xls - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
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    Dropbox and Numbers

    You can send your file from Numbers to via webdav (free). Then download the file from to your Windows computer.
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    Do I need my laptop any longer?

    iPad is a bridge between smart phones and laptops. It is not as powerful as laptops. Even if you just surf net on laptop, it still offers Flash, DVD burning, file system etc. Without a laptop, where do you back up your data? :)
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    buying apps. so true....

    There is a psychological barrier for paying digital apps. People won't mind paying for physical goods. Also no one just buys one single app for $1. People have to buy many of them (and many of them turn out to be crap) which does add up the cost. This puts people off from buying more apps even...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I have tried all of these - UPAD, NoteTaker HD, Notes Plus, Noteshelf My conclusion is that Upad and Notetaker HD are the best. Upad has best handwriting and easiest to use. NTHD has a steeper learning curve but offers more features. Notesplus is buggy and if you write fast it misses...
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    Quickoffice pro hd or documents to go premium or others

    If your documents will spend their entire lives on iPad and you don't really need seamless integration with desktop Microsoft Office documents, then iWork is most powerful. However its cloud support is minimal. If you want to edit same Office documents in both desktop and iPad then there is no...
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    What is the best ipad 2 note taking apps

    I agree with above comments. No device can beat pen and paper for taking notes. It is just so much faster and efficient :-)
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    iOS 5 vs Jailbreak

    Jail breaking allows you to access iPad's file system and become root user. Then you can bypass appstore and install any app you want as you install programs in Windows computer. §- Never suggest to users seeking advice on jailbreaking that piracy is a benefit of jailbreaking on these forums...