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    Anything better than Image Bank

    Perhaps you do not understand what I want. I do not want an app that has me upload files to an outside server. I'm looking for a app allows me to access my pics thru a server on my home computer like air video and image bank. These apps allow me to access my files without uploading them to a 3rd...
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    Anything better than Image Bank

    I use Image Bank to view my pictures over wifi, but this program has not been updated in a while. Does anybody know of another app that does this better?
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    iPad Backup Syncing taking Forever!

    I also have a lot of movies using Cinxplayer. I have done a lot of research about this problem. I have found out that itunes cannot handle very large files quickly. and back ups take forever.Everytime I need to perform a backup ,I end up removing all movies and photos before the back up. Since...
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    What are the features in OS 4.0

    One thing they need to do, improve Photos. We need to be able to make folders within the app and delete with out using itunes also move photos within the app. I use a 3rd party photo appp because Photos is useless in its current form.
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    When will native PDF file support be available?

    There are tons of apps the read PDF's ,No need to convert files. Go to App store to find one you like
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    This might not be a bad thing. As long as I can keep my unlimited plan for my ipad. Since I now don't use my iphone except to text and making phone calls, now I can reduce my iphone data plan to $15.00
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    iphone use since buying ipad

    Do any of you use your iphone as much as you did before getting the ipad? I only make phone calls on mine now. Everything I did on my iphone, I do on the ipad now. I'm thinking of getting rid of the iphone and just getting a regular cell phone. I dont need two data plans anymore. What are your...
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    iPad Backup Syncing taking Forever!

    A corrupt app pict or music file will cause it. Need to disable sync with apps /picts then sync 5 -30 at a time to isolate. iItakes a while but you should find problem same as iPhone I had 5 Picts causing drama with sync Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk That is what I thought, So I...
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    iPad Backup Syncing taking Forever!

    I have the same problem. How come I have to back up everytime before it sync's. How come I can't decide when I want to back up. If you upload a ton of info eather in an app or photos or anything else the next time you sync the damn thing it takes forever. This is bs, how do you disable the back...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    There was an update yesterday. You should have 9,1.1 now
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I agree with Paul. I'm reading this thread to get info about the status and shipping of the 3G, Not advertising for apps. I think 4phun has highjacked this thread with useless info that belongs under the apps section. Please remove this useless advertising. If I wanted to learn about apps I...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    my just changed to priority too