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  1. MikesTooLz

    What's the last movie you saw?

    I saw Disconect on tuesday. The story was good, the movie was a little strange. A good chunk of the movie is just silence with you watching someones face as they type on the computer and their text is displayed on the bottom of the screen as they type. It was almost like a silent film. I also...
  2. MikesTooLz

    Why no PassBook?

    yes, I was really dissapointed after installing iOS 6 on my iPad after the announcement only for PassBook to be missing. I understand that the majority of people do not carry their iPads with them everywhere they go. However I am one of the people that have my iPad with me at all times. There...
  3. MikesTooLz

    Listen to normal and HD FM radio with your iPad.

    I just was in a radioshack and saw that they had a dongle for the iPod that says it allows iPod and iPhones to receive FM radio and HD radio signals. It was in an area with a bunch of clearance items and the price tag was only $9 so I decided to pick one up. I had wanted to get an HD radio...
  4. MikesTooLz

    Waterproof iPad Case

    I just ordered a waterproof case that looks like it will hopefully be sturdy and was surpassingly cheap. Cost me only $29 and will arrive tomorrow morning.
  5. MikesTooLz

    How long does it take to get my app approved?

    Last week I got an email that my app required longer than normal review time. I'm not sure why as the app is super simple and I only spent an hour making it. I just got the email that my app has been approved, it still has not shown up in the app store yet. So there you have it, took over 20...
  6. MikesTooLz

    Vacation to the USA from UK - 4G / LTE?

    You will need to make two stops, #1 any local shop that sells pre-paid credit cards. any local drug store or super market should sell them. #2 an ATT shop to get a simcard. The simcard will cost you, i forget the exact price but its somewhere between $10-$20 activate the simcard on your device...
  7. MikesTooLz

    iOS 6: No more street view?

    You are correct, no Street View since that was part of google maps. Also note that all apps that you have that currently use Google maps will automatically switch to apples maps when run on iOS 6. I have not looked at the new Maps api but 3rd party app makers could always specifically code their...
  8. MikesTooLz

    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    I've been playing with Siri on my new iPad and can say that its working fairly well. I'm linking how easy it is to set reminders via siri and checking movie times as well since I do both of those things often. I'm disapointed that PassBook didnt make it to the iPad.
  9. MikesTooLz

    A new iOS6 and persist the same basic mail program.

    No new buttons. What they did is when you double tap in the email body just like how you would get the Past menu to past text there is another one called "insert photo or Video"
  10. MikesTooLz

    Find My iPad - I'm confused!

    a tech savvey thief will know what to do in order to not be tracked. adding a password is good if you have any private information on the device that you don't want to be accessible to any thieves. However if a non tech savvey thief steals your iPad and it has no password locks, chances are...
  11. MikesTooLz


    also in ipad settings you can set the iPad to backup to iCloud wirelessly without the need for a computer. Updates also can be installed within the settings app without the need of a computer.
  12. MikesTooLz

    iPad 3 Deleting Emails

    no need to delete the account from iPad, once you delete from a computer they should remove from iPad that next time you check your mail on the iPad. also in mail settings on the iPad you can set the account to only download the latest number of emails and select a number like only the latest...
  13. MikesTooLz

    The New Ipad: Perfect for Extreme Adventure

    I'm still waiting for the Life Proof iPad cases to come out.
  14. MikesTooLz

    Siri coming to iPad!

    well, the iPad 3 has the hardware for siri and even does the voice dictation part already. Its just a matter of if apple has finished getting siri ready and if they can handle the increase in siri users(its all processed remotely). Note that it would be for iPad 3 and not first/second gen iPads.
  15. MikesTooLz

    Default browser

    as of now I have not found any browsers for the iPad that are better than safari. if your having issues close safari fully like what was already said, and reboot the iPad.If that fails, perform a restore. Safari should not be crashing.