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  1. Mike_73

    iTunes gift card question

    You don't need to provide credit card information to set up an account. You can go with iTunes gift cards only, right from the start. Apple never got my credit card information (I don't share this information with other companies either) and never will. I'm picky with such details. I'm giving...
  2. Mike_73

    iPad2 US vs. iPad2 EU

    You can still change the keyboard layout in the settings though. I have a EU iPad but still use the US layout.
  3. Mike_73


    col.bris, I totally agree with you. Sorry I didn't mention the caveeats. In my case, the iPad is one of my toys which I like to tinker with. I also presumed that everyone tinkering with their hardware would read up the internet or forums before doing something like using beta software or JB...
  4. Mike_73

    Multitasking Gestures

    You can also get the gestures without JB. There's one file where 2 lines of code have to be added. I don't remember what exactly that was, but you backup one of the iPads system files with some 3rd-party itunes replacement, add the 2 lines and bring it back to the iPad. It was fairly easy to do...
  5. Mike_73


    I tried several betas when 4.3.x came out. So one could say I tested if I like the version ;-) Why not???
  6. Mike_73

    For all IPad 2 users

    10 for the hardware. 8 for itunes and the need of being registered with apple. But still, I handed down my iPad1 to my wife, and my daughter cannot wait for the iPad3 :-)
  7. Mike_73

    GPS active without 3G or Wifi Active?

    I've been using Navfree to actually get to a store. I kind of knew where the store was, so I was just testing whether or not the app is working well. In my opinion I found it ok. It's what you'd expect from navigational software. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but well, there are...
  8. Mike_73

    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I have a Sony e-ink reader, but I'm only using my iPad as I rarely read outside. And even if I do (I sometimes read on my balcony), it's not sunny enough here in Germany. I just have to crank up the brightness and it works. It's maybe not that great for reading longer periods, but for the quick...
  9. Mike_73

    GPS active without 3G or Wifi Active?

    Navfree needs an internet connection when looking up an address. Once your route has been calculated, internet isn't needed anymore.
  10. Mike_73

    creating your own apps?

    I've just started working through a C++ book as this seems to be the point to start, from what I read. Once I get through that (if I ever make it), I'll treat myself to an "inexpensive" macbook (ok, inexpensive and apple doesn't go together well) to start with the IDE. I thought about...
  11. Mike_73

    ipad2 3G question about restore

    Now that was the explanation I was looking for. Thank you, Mickey330. With that one trick to enable multitouch without JB, I'm pretty happy. Although it bugs me that once I opened and closed an app, the folder the app is in is still open. That's what I really liked about JBing my iPad1 (without...
  12. Mike_73

    Can you AirPrint to Canon printers?

    Airprint alone didn't work and some of the apps didn't work either. My Pixma wifi printer works now with the "airprint enabler" via my PC (I had to manually allow airprint through the firewall for 3 instances though, meaning that the firewall showed airprint service 3 times). I have connectify...
  13. Mike_73

    Ipad 2 owners, do you also have an ipad 1?

    I got myself an iPad2 because my wife was always using my iPad1. Now my 9 year old is hoping that an iPad3 will soon be available in the hope that she gets her own iPad, too :-)
  14. Mike_73

    DIY Moleskine/Dodocase with a twist

    Nicely done. I'd love to have your possibilities when it comes to machining parts. Only thing I never liked on any case are the straps that hold the iPad in place, so I went for elastic foam at the sides for my iPad 1 last year. I also put up an instructable here: DIY Book-like iPad Case (Dodo /...
  15. Mike_73

    Overclocking iPad1

    So I read about a cydia app to overclock my iPad. I just had to try it, and I'm very pleased with the speed increase overall. One of the things mentioned in the article I stumbled over was, that the battery wouldn't last as long, but I haven't really recognized that yet. I've set my iPad to...