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Recent content by mike1971

  1. mike1971

    Texting with my ipad2

    Once I have a data plan can I use that number to also text?
  2. mike1971


    Thank you all for the help. I hooked my USB cord up and it allowed me to drag it to the iPad. Now to enjoy the movie! Once again thank you!
  3. mike1971


    Rented a movie and can't fig out how to move it from my pc to my iPad?????
  4. mike1971

    Data meter

    I was wondering if there was a data meter already installed in the iPad? Or do I have to download one from the app store? It's a pain in the butt logging into my account every time I want to check it.
  5. mike1971

    New ipad2 user

    Not sure what to put here but......Hello I'm mike and I hope I can get some help learning how to use the iPad!