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    Can't Get Movies to Sync

    SEe my article on cinexplayer; it may help (do a search iun this forum)
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    cinexplayer and srt (subtitles) conversion for Ipad playing

    I had terrible trouble getting subtitles in Chinese (my g/f is Chinese) on cinexplayer and hours of internet searching payed off so I think I should pass it on:- This is on a Mac (should work on PC) Software required:- Built in TextEdit MadEdit for MAC see site below:- Any srt file found...
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    Brought my ipad to

    I wish my girlfriend would not notice it .......her and Angry Birds/PVz's make me angry and Zombified!!!! :mad:
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    How can I sync my iPad without syncing my apps?

    Maybe adding a new one will put that in the wrong place but the rest it should not touch.
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    How can I sync my iPad without syncing my apps?

    Details of how to have some control of your *.ipa applications in iTunes. When you add Apps (*.ipa) to iTunes it creates a sub directory in /Music/iTunes of Mobile Applications and creates a library list. All your added Apps are put in this Mobile Applications sub directory. Because mainly of...
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    More to the point (pun); what is she doing using you Ipad:)
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    How can I sync my iPad without syncing my apps?

    Move the new applications to the slave drive as and when you add them to the iPad. ITunes keeps record of the files you have added and will even prompt for upgrades or duplicates even though they are not in the Mobile Applications folder.
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    How can I sync my iPad without syncing my apps?

    I've moved my applications from the iTunes directory (subfolder Mobile Applications) to a slave drive including any new ones added as they are added and this not only saves HD space but also gives one message on iTunes to which you reply no.