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Recent content by michali

  1. michali

    iOS 8.1 Launches Today, Here are the new Features it Brings

    I am in the UK and I have set up all my devices to receive text messages from my iPhone.
  2. michali

    Safari: under ios8 new annoying problem..

    I love the way Safari works now. I don't need the tabs and bar at the top all the time I am on a page. I also love the way you can pinch and see all open pages.
  3. michali

    Bits and Pieces of iOS 8 Scattered All Over The Place

    Many thanks! That is great!
  4. michali

    Bits and Pieces of iOS 8 Scattered All Over The Place

    Regarding the Notes app, I am not seeing any difference in mine. So I cannot include a photo or do any text formatting. What am I missing, please?
  5. michali

    Selecting resolution pdf files Pages

    You have been SO helpful! Thanks! I have downloaded the larger page and will try it out. Thanks again. You are a gem!
  6. michali

    Selecting resolution pdf files Pages

    Thanks, I will keep trying. I was using standard fonts so it must be something else I am doing wrong.
  7. michali

    Selecting resolution pdf files Pages

    Thanks for responding. No, I want to increase the size rather than decrease it. The image I used was ok but the text got blurry for some reason. I will keep trying.
  8. michali

    Selecting resolution pdf files Pages

    I have seen on other threads that when exporting a Pages poster or brochure as a PDF file, you can pick the level of quality but I do not get that option. I create my document, go to share, send a copy, select pdf and an email window opens up with no option to select quality or resolution. Can...
  9. michali

    Webdesign and editing app

    I am relocating and will not have a computer or webdesign program when I first arrive. I designed a website using Dreamweaver and may need to make some minor changes on my ipad. Is this possible? I do not use HTML. All the apps I see seem to require coding. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  10. michali

    New Dropbox App?

    I downloaded onto my iphone and received an email asking for comments. I asked when we might get it for our iPads and will post back here if I get a response.
  11. michali


    Wallax is great! Works perfectly for me! Sent from my iPad using iPF
  12. michali

    Am I mistaken?

    I also use bold in settings on my ipad mini and that helps with notes and some other apps.
  13. michali

    iOS 7.0.4 is out now

    I don't see any difference in the wallpaper problem with the update! The only way that SOMETIMES works is to select photo, take a screen shot in portrait mode, go to camera roll, select screen shot and set to wallpaper. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not! Sent from my iPad using iPF
  14. michali

    Itunes gift certificates

    Oh good, thanks!
  15. michali

    Itunes gift certificates

    Have been using gift certificates to purchase apps, films, etc from the store but have now entered credit card details. However, is someone sends me a gift certificate and I redeem it, will itunes debit that rather than my credit card please?